An approach to the measurement of the potential structural damage of earthquake ground motions - Discussion



An approach for the identification of trip generation characteristics of households in Turkish cities: a case study of Ankara
Beyazıt, Sema; Menteş, Gökhan; Department of City Planning (1989)
An approach to the determination of effectiveness of machine tools.
Altınok, Nezih; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1982)
An Approach to the Modeling of Physical Ageing in Rubbery Polymers
Dal, Hüsnü (2006-03-29)
The oxidation reactions responsible for physical ageing are thermally activated processes and yield cross-linking similar to the vulcanization process and chain-scission reactions. Chain scission, is responsible for the relaxation behaviour under constant stretch, whereas cross-linking is responsible for hardening of the material. The decrease in the stretch at break upon cross-linking motivates the so called network alteration proposed in this contribution.
An Investigation of the Ground Motion Scaling Procedures for the Nonlinear Seismic Analyses of Concrete Gravity Dams
Soysal, BERAT FEYZA; Ay, Bekir Özer; Arıcı, Yalın (2019-07-03)
Seismic assessment of gravity dams is generally carried out using time history analyses. Scaling of the motions is commonly used; however, in contrast to buildings, the performance of scaling procedures at predicting the mean and reducing the dispersion in engineering demand parameters (EDPs) is not known. The main goal of this study is to assess the performance of different scaling procedures in predicting seismic demands on dams. The performance regarding the prediction of the damage and the required numb...
An Investigation of seismic behaviour of multi-span bridges on shallow foundations with soil-structure interaction methods
Akkaya, Ekin; Bakır, Bahadır Sadık; Department of Civil Engineering (2013)
During the design process of most of the bridge projects, the interaction between soil surrounding the foundation, and bridge-pier foundations is not accounted due to the complexity of application. Although it is accepted that disregarding the interaction results in reasonable and economical solutions that are on the safe side, this is not always the case. Since the ground supporting and surrounding the foundation is a deformable medium, displacements occur at the shallow foundations of bridge-piers. Also, ...
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