Patient specific material processing approaches in biomaterials and tissue engineering

Bahcecioglu, Bahcecioglu
Buyuksungur, A.
Hasırcı, Nesrin
Hasırcı, Vasıf Nejat


Patient Specific Orthopedic Implant Design and Production with Tissue Engineering Method
Büyüksungur, Senem; Büyüksungur, Arda; Hasırcı, Nesrin; Hasırcı, Vasıf Nejat (null; 2015-07-08)
Patient-specific orthopedic implant design and production with tissue engineering method
Büyüksungur, Senem; Hasırcı, Vasıf Nejat; Department of Biotechnology (2019)
Customized and patient specific, tissue engineered constructs are needed for the treatment of irregular shaped bone defects. This study presents the preparation of two different 3D printed scaffolds. 1) PCL-based scaffolds modified with nanohydroxyapatite (HAp) and poly(propylene fumarate) (PPF), and 2) Cell carrying hybrid scaffolds of PCL/GelMA. 3D printed, PCL-based scaffolds were coated with HAp or HAp/PPF before cell seeding and their presence enhanced osteoconductivity and compressive mechanical stren...
Patient Loyalty in the Hospital-Patient Relationship: The Mediating Role of Social Media
Tosyalı, Hikmet; Sütcü, Cem Sefa; Tosyalı, Ahmet Furkan (2019-01-01)
This study aimed to investigate role of social media on patient loyalty. Based on related literature review, for assessing patient loyalty, a measurement scale, testing satisfaction shared by patient through social media, patient trust, strength of hospital-patient communication on social media, and perceived image of hospital on social media was developed. The data was collected from 625 patients by selfadministered online questionnaires. Hypotheses about the role of social media were suggested based on ex...
Patient privacy and consent management in health
Alpay, Erdem; Toroslu, İsmail Hakkı; Doğaç, Asuman; Department of Computer Engineering (2012)
Health information of patients are preserved either in Electronic Health Records (EHR) repositories which are generally managed in national level or in local hospital systems. However, the real owners of the data are always the patients themselves, without depending where or by whom the data is preserved. Patients should have the rights to permit or deny the access of modification of their information to whoever they want. Here comes the concept of Consent. Consent means provision of approval or agreement, ...
Tissue engineering of small diameter vascular grafts by using pcl/collagen based scaffolds
Öncü, Sepren; Hasırcı, Vasıf Nejat; Department of Biology (2013)
Cardiovascular system is composed of the heart, blood vessels and blood. This system consists of five types of blood vessels: arteries, arterioles, veins, venules and capillaries. Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) including diseases of coronary arteries and blood vessels of the brain are responsible for 17.3 million deaths a year in the world. Atherosclerosis is the main reason for CVDs which is the hardening and thickening of arterial walls with lipid molecules and affects especially the walls of medium and l...
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