Dynamic Modeling of the Universal Motor used in Washer

Polat, Abdullah
Ergene, Lale
Fırat, Arzu
In this paper, firstly, the structural features and operating conditions of a universal motor are presented. Alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) operating conditions of the motor and the difference between them are explained. Universal motors give similar speed and torque characteristics on both AC and DC operations when the effective current is kept equal. When AC and DC operations are compared, the differences arise because of, transformer voltage, armature reaction, reactance voltage, saturation effects and commutation. The motor is modeled dynamically by using MATLAB/Simulink and these differences are analyzed and compared with the experimental.
International Aegean Conference on Electrical Machines and Power Electronics / Electromotion Joint Conference


Calculation of parameters of single-phase PM motor for design optimization
Ertan, Hulusi Bülent; Capolino, GA (2005-09-01)
This paper presents methods of calculation of parameters of single-phase permanent-magnet (SPPM) motor, in terms of motor dimensions and material properties, which are utilized in the dynamic model of the motor. The intention of the study is to develop means of SPPM performance calculations, which lend themselves to be employed within a mathematical design optimization approach. The calculated parameters are compared with measured values and are shown to be accurate for the purpose of the study.
Tümleşik Modüler Motor Sürücü Sistemi Tasarımı
Uğur, Mesut; Keysan, Ozan (null; 2017-10-25)
Bu çalışmada, bir Tümleşik Modüler Motor Sürücü (TMMS) sistemi tasarımı gerçekleştirilmiştir. TMMS sistemi için modüler bir kesirli oluklu, konsantre sargılı (FSCW), sabit mıknatıslı senkron motor (PMSM) ile birlikte Galyum Nitrat (GaN) teknolojisine dayalı modüler motor sürücü güç katı tasarımı yapılmıştır. Konvansiyonel sistemlere göre %2’lik verim artışı sağlanmıştır. Tümleşik motor sürücü sistemine uygun DA bara kondansatör seçimi gerçekleştirilmiştir. Interleaving tekniği kullanılarak kondansatör boyut...
Design and implementation of coupled inductor Cuk converter operating in continuous conduction mode
Ayhan, Mustafa Tufan; Ersak, Aydın; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2011)
The study involves the following stages: First, coupled-inductor and integrated magnetic structure used in Cuk converter circuit topologies are analyzed and the necessary information about these elements in circuit design is gathered. Also, benefits of using these magnetic elements are presented. Secondly; steady-state model, dynamic model and transfer functions of coupled-inductor Cuk converter topology are obtained via state-space averaging method. Third stage deals with determining the design criteria to...
Extended field reconstruction method for modeling of interior permanent magnet synchronous machines
Gu, Lei; Moallem, M.; Bostancı, Emine; Wang, Shiliang; Devendra, Patil (2016-07-22)
This paper presents an extended field reconstruction method (EFRM) that is developed to model an interior permanent magnet synchronous machine (IPMSM), which is known for its high power density and power factor. Traditional field reconstruction method is a very convenient tool for the modeling and analysis of the performance of the surface mounted permanent magnet machine (SPMSM). Regarding IPMSM, which usually works under saturation, traditional FRM method cannot be directly applied. An improved FRM, which...
Comparison of Inverter Topologies Suited for Integrated Modular Motor Drive Applications
Ugur, Mesut; Sarac, Hakan; Keysan, Ozan (2018-08-30)
In this paper, various inverter topologies are compared for integrated modular motor drive (IMMD) applications. Two-level voltage source inverter (2L-VSI), three level voltage source inverter (3L-VSI) and series/parallel combinations of these topologies with system level modularity are compared in terms of voltage and current harmonic spectrum, passive component sizes and motor drive efficiency. New generation wide band-gap GaN power semiconductor devices are utilized in modular topologies and they are comp...
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A. Polat, L. Ergene, and A. Fırat, “Dynamic Modeling of the Universal Motor used in Washer,” presented at the International Aegean Conference on Electrical Machines and Power Electronics / Electromotion Joint Conference, Istanbul, TURKEY, 2011, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/55142.