Activities of Daily Living (ADL's), depression, and social support in Turkish elderly citizens

Bozo Özen, Özlem
Kurum, Oya


Activities of Daily Living, Depression, and Social Support Among Elderly Turkish People
Bozo Özen, Özlem; Kurum, Oya (2009-03-01)
The authors examined the effects of activities of daily living (ADL) and perceived social support on the level of depression among elderly Turkish people. Participants were 102 adults older than the age of 60 years. The authors hypothesized that (a) lower levels of ADL would predict a higher level of depression, (b) a higher level of perceived social support would predict a lower level of depression, and (c) perceived social support would moderate the relation between ADL and depression. Although hierarchic...
Activities of Daily Living, Social Support, and Future Health of Older Americans
Bozo Özen, Özlem (Informa UK Limited, 2009-01-01)
The authors investigated the relation of activities of daily living (ADL) and social support satisfaction to illness status 10 years later among 4,870 married older adults in the Health and Retirement Study (F. Juster & R. Suzman, 1995). The authors tested the direct and indirect effects of 1992 ADL, as well as family and friends support satisfaction and spousal social support satisfaction on 2002 illness status. The hierarchical multiple regressions found, controlling for 1992 illness status, ADL protected...
Activities of daily living, family/spousal social support satisfaction, and future illness status of older married Americans
Bozo Özen, Özlem (2004-10-01)
Evaluation of physical literacy of secondary school children
Taş, Hakan; Hürmeriç Altunsöz, Irmak; Department of Physical Education and Sports (2019)
Physical literacy includes physical, psychological and behavioral domain. The main purpose of this study were to determine the physical literacy of children in grade sixth and seventh and to investigate whether there any inter-relationships among sub-domains of physical literacy and to identify grade and gender differences in physical literacy. Participants were 158 sixth and seventh grade students (76 boys, 82 girls) from public schools in Çankaya and Keçiören. PLAYtools were used collecting data. Quantita...
Optimization of Maintenance, Repair and Rehabilitation Actions in a Novel Bridge Management System
Akgül, Ferhat (null; 2012-10-19)
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