A 1-DOF wind tunnel experiment in adaptive flow control

Kutay, Ali Türker
Muse, Jonathan A.
This paper presents an adaptive control approach for pitch control of a one degree-of-freedom wing using imbedded flow control actuators. Such actuators offer a unique opportunity for rapid maneuvering and gust rejection with low power consumption. The proposed adaptive non-model based control approach is motivated by the difficulty in constructing a reasonably accurate physical model of active flow control actuators. In addition, during dynamic maneuvers, possible interactions between unsteady fluid dynamics and vehicle dynamics introduce additional uncertainty. The control architecture employs a neural network based adaptive element that permits adaptation to both parametric uncertainty and unmodeled dynamics. Wind tunnel experimental results and controller implementation details are presented.


Adaptive longitudinal control of aircraft using synthetic jets
Muse, Jonathan A.; Kutay, Ali Türker; Calise, Anthony J. (2007-01-01)
This paper presents an adaptive control approach for controlling the longitudinal dynamics of a generic lifting surface using imbedded flow control actuators. Such actuators offer a unique opportunity for rapid maneuvering and gust rejection with low power consumption. The model's state is controlled over a broad range of angles of attack and model dynamic characteristics when the baseline flow is fully attached using bi-directional pitching moment that is effected by flow-controlled trapped vorticity conce...
A high-performance silicon-on-insulator MEMS gyroscope operating at atmospheric pressure
Alper, Said Emre; Azgın, Kıvanç; Akın, Tayfun (Elsevier BV, 2007-03-30)
This paper presents a new, high-performance silicon-on-insulator (SOI) MEMS gyroscope with decoupled oscillation modes. The gyroscope structure allows it to achieve matched-resonance-frequencies, large drive-mode oscillation amplitude, high sense-mode quality factor, and low mechanical cross-talk. The gyroscope is fabricated through the commercially available SOIMUMPS process of MEMSCAP Inc. The fabricated gyroscope has minimum capacitive sense gaps of 2.6 mu m and a structural silicon thickness of 25 mu m,...
Robust Model Following Control Design for Missile Roll Autopilot
Gezer, R. Berk; Kutay, Ali Türker (2014-07-11)
This paper presents a robust model following control method augmented with error integration and Luenberger observer for anti-air missile roll autopilot designed using optimal control laws. The design is shown to be robust to external disturbance, noisy measurements and sensor lags by frequency domain analysis. The regulation performance of the controller is presented by simulations.
Computed Torque Control of an Aerial Manipulation System with a Quadrotor and a 2-DOF Robotic Arm
Bulut, Nebi; Turgut, Ali; Aríkan, Kutluk (SCITEPRESS, AV D MANUELL, 27A 2 ESQ, SETUBAL, 2910-595, PORTUGAL; 2019)
This paper presents the control of an aerial manipulation system with a quadrotor and a 2-DOF robotic arm by using the computed torque control method. The kinematic and dynamic model of the system is obtained by modeling the quadrotor and the robotic arm as a unified system. Then, the equation of motion of the unified system is got in the form of a standard robot dynamics equation. For the trajectory control of the system, computed torque control is used. Gains of the controller are optimized by using nonli...
A Parametrical Study with Laser Sheet Visualization for an Unsteady Flapping Motion
Kurtuluş, Dilek Funda; Farcy, Alain; Alemdaroğlu, Hüseyin Nafiz (2006-06-08)
In order to better understand the vortex dynamics and evaluation of the flow structures during the unsteady flapping motion, experimental visualizations are considered. The visualizations are represented for the phenomenological analysis of the flow. The flow is assumed to be laminar with the Reynolds number of 1000. The evaluation of the complex flow topology is investigated instantaneously for the effect of the different parameters. The vortex identification is performed for the change of incidence positi...
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