Annealing Effect on Dark Electrical Conductivity and Photoconductivity of Ga-In-Se Thin Films

Güllü, Hasan Hüseyin
Dark-conductivity and photoconductivity properties of thermally evaporated Ga-In-Se (GIS) thin films were investigated in the temperature range of 80-430 K. All measurements were performed on as-grown and annealed GIS thin films at 300 and 400 degrees C to get information about the effect of the annealing temperature on the conductivity properties. Room temperature conductivity was obtained as 1.8 x 10(-8) Omega(-1) cm(-1) for as-grown films and increased to 3.6 x 10(-4) Omega(-1) cm(-1) for annealed films at 400 degrees C. Analysis of the dark-conductivity data of as-grown films revealed nearly intrinsic type of conductivity with 1.70 eV band gap energy. Temperature dependent dark conductivity curves exhibited two regions in the 260-360 and 370-430 K for both of annealed GIS films. Conductivity activation energies were found as 0.05, 0.16 and 0.05, 0.56 eV for films annealed at temperatures of 300 and 400 degrees C, respectively. The dependence of photoconductivity on illumination intensity was also studied in the range from 17 to 113 mW/cm(2).


Raman scattering in TlInS2xSe2(1-x) layered mixed crystals (0.25 <= x <= 1): Compositional dependence of the mode frequencies and line widths
Güler, Işıkhan; Hasanlı, Nızamı (2011-09-15)
The Raman spectra of TlInS2xSe2(1-x) layered mixed crystals were studied for a wide composition range (0.25 <= x <= 1) in the frequency region 10-360 cm(-1) at room temperature. The shift of Raman-active phonon frequencies versus mixed crystals composition x were established. The effect of crystal disorder on the line width broadening of three high-frequency Raman-active modes is reported.
Study on the Structural and Electrical Properties of Sequentially Deposited Ag-Ga-In-Te Thin Films
Coskun, EMRE; Gullu, H. H.; Parlak, Mehmet; Ercelebi, C. (2015-02-01)
The structural properties and electrical conduction mechanisms of Ag-Ga-In-Te thin films deposited by a combination of e-beam and thermal evaporation methods were studied for various annealing temperatures. Structural analysis showed the existence of InTe and InTe binary phases at the early stage of crystallization and monophase of AgGaInTe with the main orientation along (112) direction following the post-annealing at 400 C. The effects of the structural changes on electrical properties and temperature dep...
Dielectric and electrical properties of an organic device containing benzotriazole and fluorene bearing copolymer
Yildiz, Dilber Esra; APAYDIN, Dogukan Hazar; Toppare, Levent Kamil; Çırpan, Ali (2013-05-05)
Dielectric and electrical properties of a benzotriazole and fluorene copolymer were investigated using current-voltage (IV), capacitance-voltage (CV), and conductancevoltage (G/wV) measurements at room temperature. The electrical parameters, barrier height (phi Bo), and ideality factor (n) obtained from the forward bias LnI-V plot were found as 0.453 eV and 2.08, respectively. The Rsvalues were found as 2.20, 2.12, 1.90 using dV/dLnIversus I, H(I)versus I and F(V)-V plots,respectively. The dielectric consta...
DC conduction in electrochemically synthesized polypyrrole films
Kaynak, A (1998-01-01)
DC conductivity measurements were performed by modified four-probe rig on electrochemically synthesized polypyrrole films at a temperature range of -30 degrees C to 120 degrees C. Conductivity increased with temperature. The temperature dependence of conductivity was very high for lightly doped polymers, decreasing as the doping level increased. The model used to describe the conduction process was the conduction model originally developed for amorphous silicon by Mott and Davis. When applied to conducting ...
Optical band gap and dispersion of optical constants of Cu-Ga-S thin films
Isik, M.; Gullu, H. H.; COŞKUN, EMRE; Hasanlı, Nızamı (2019-01-01)
Thermally deposited Cu-Ga-S thin films were optically characterized by means of experimental techniques of transmission measurements. The analyses of transmittance spectra were accomplished by derivative spectrophotometry analyses to get gap energies of thin films. The transmittance spectra of thin films annealed at different temperatures presented interference fringes which were analyzed by Swanepoel envelope method. The wavelength dependencies of optical parameters; refractive index (n), real part of comp...
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M. IŞIK and H. H. Güllü, “Annealing Effect on Dark Electrical Conductivity and Photoconductivity of Ga-In-Se Thin Films,” ACTA PHYSICA POLONICA A, pp. 1119–1123, 2018, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: