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Joint Mitigation of IQ Imbalance and Power Amplifier Impairments by Real Valued Time Delay Neural Networks

Yeşil, Soner
Gürtunca, Burak
Yılmaz, Ali Özgür
This paper represents a neural network based joint mitigation of the IQ imbalance and power amplifier nonlinearities that cause degradation in the transmit signal quality of the wireless communication systems. A Real Valued Time Delay Neural Network architecture for this purpose has been verified on a hardware including cascaded NXP-MD8IC925 and NXPBLF8G10LS power amplifier components performing a total of 46dB gain. The test setup has been controlled over MATLAB in order to have a closed loop adaptive digital predistortion. The test results showed approximately 24dB, 19dB and 14dB performance improvements for the in-band, first and second adjacent channels, respectively.