Understanding supplier sustainability performance: The role of dependence and relational capital

Akın Ateş, Melek
Güleryüz, Atakan
Güleryüz, İrem
Arslan, Ataberk
With increasing stakeholder pressure to improve sustainability performance, firms focus on understanding how buyer-supplier relationship characteristics play a role in encouraging or jeopardizing supplier sustainability efforts. In this study, we examine how buyer-supplier dependence and relational capital affect the environmental and social performance of suppliers. We adopt an embedded, multiple-case study design, and examine five large buying firms in Turkey and their multiple suppliers at the dyadic level. Our findings suggest that there is a complex interplay between dependence and relational capital, illustrating both complementary and conflicting roles on supplier sustainability performance. We develop propositions to be tested in future studies.


How do learning orientation and strategy yield innovativeness and superior firm performance?
Dulger, M.; Alpay, G.; Yılmaz, Çetin; BODUR, MUZAFFER (2014-06-01)
This paper attempts to shed light on the role of learning orientations of firms and their adoption of Porter's generic strategies on four dependent variables: Behavioral innovativeness, product innovativeness, technological innovativeness and, ultimately, firm performance. Hierarchical regressions were run with data from a random sample of 121 firms operating in Turkey. Findings indicate that internally-focused learning, market-focused learning and differentiation strategy have significant effects on the th...
Investigating the fracture behaviour of x70m linepipe steel girth weldments via single edge notched tension and bend tests
Tosun, Uygar; Gür, Cemil Hakan; Tirkeş, Süha; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2018)
Increasing competition in the global market motivates the producers to invest in novel and cost-effective manufacturing technologies in pipeline construction. Gas metal arc welding multi-pass process has been proven for as-rolled low-alloy steels. Engineering of welding is a special concern in terms of fracture mechanics because the joint yields a fusion line between chemically and physically dissimilar structures. Engineering Critical Assessments (ECA) suggest more realistic scenarios for material’s elasti...
Design in Context Product Design through Local Initiatives
Doğan, Çağla (2002-07-17)
Current notions of sustainability within the field of product manufacturing largely depend on business strategies that are predominantly 'top-down ' approaches. However, it is theoretically and practically naive and also unworkable for conventionally structured large manufacturing businesses to simply put on the vestments of sustainability. Many of the structures, philosophies and raisons d'etre are inherently and systemically in conflict with an holistic understanding of sustainability. In order to positiv...
The Impact of strategic purchasing practices on firm performance: an analysis in hospitality sector
Aksoy, Oğuz.; Akın Ateş, Melek.; Department of Business Administration (2019)
Increasingly, firms realize that rather than just being a tactical function focused on day-to-day operations, purchasing function also helps firms to generate competitive advantage by adopting more strategic purchasing practices. Previous research mostly suggests that strategic purchasing practices improve firm performance. However, majority of these studies are conducted in the manufacturing context. In this thesis, the service context was examined, and specifically the hospitality sector was investigated....
Adaptation to Climate Change in Industry: Improving Resource Efficiency through Sustainable Production Applications
Alkaya, Emrah; Bogurcu, Merve; Ulutas, Ferda; Demirer, Göksel Niyazi (2015-01-01)
The objective of this study was to investigate the climate change adaptation opportunities of six companies from different sectors through resource efficiency and sustainable production. A total of 77 sustainable production options were developed for the companies based on the audits conducted. After screening these opportunities with each company's staff, 19 options were selected and implemented. Significant water savings (849,668 m(3)/year) were achieved as a result of the applications that targeted reduc...
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