How Entrepreneurs Learn: A Practical Interpretation

Oğuz, Fuat
Entrepreneurial learning processes have begun to take an important place in the economics literature. In this work, we discuss the Kirznerian theory of entrepreneurship and the place of learning in this theory. We criticize Israel Kirzner for lack of a learning mechanism in entrepreneurial discovery procedures. Two important recent contributions to Kirznerian theory by Yong Back Choi and David Harper do not satisfactorily provide a learning mechanism that drives the market process. Having discussed these contributions with an interpretive approach, we introduce a practical learning mechanism for entrepreneurial activity.


A model for instructors' adoption of learning management systems: Empirical Validation in higher education context
Findik Coşkunçay, Duygu; Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi (2013-04-01)
Through the rapid expansion of information technologies, Learning Management Systems have become one of the most important innovations for delivering education. However, successful implementation and management of these systems are primarily based on the instructors' adoption. In this context, this study aims to understand behavioral intentions of higher education instructors towards Learning Management Systems and further to identify the influencing factors. A multidimensional research model has been propo...
How do technology-based accelerators build their legitimacy as new organizations in an emerging entrepreneurship ecosystem?
Beyhan, Berna; Akçomak, İbrahim Semih; Cetindamar, Dilek (2022-12-01)
PurposeThis paper aims to understand technology-based accelerators' legitimation efforts in an emerging entrepreneurship ecosystem. Design/methodology/approachThis research is based on qualitative inductive methodology using ten Turkish technology-based accelerators. FindingsThe analysis indicates that accelerators' legitimation efforts are shaped around crafting a distinctive identity and mobilizing allies around this identity; and establishing new collaborations to enable collective action. Further, the a...
Exploration of instructional design process and experience of novice instructional designers through the framework of activity theory : a case study in an instructional design course
Karakuş, Türkan; Çağıltay, Kürşat; Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology (2011)
Contextual issues have considerable role on learning outcomes of instructional design process. In this dissertation study, an instructional multimedia design and development course was explored to understand how contextual issues influence the experience and processes of Novice Instructional Designers’ (NIDs) activities in an instructional design project. The main participants of the study were 47 junior Computer Education and Instructional Technology students who were enrolled in the course. Besides, 26 st...
Knowledge Management in Education and Research
Gürbüz, Tarkan(2009)
This course offers participants the opportunity to explore the framework for knowledge management in education and research. Participants will explore the potential of knowledge management in support of education and research for increasing the capacity of identifying, distilling, harnessing and using information to improve student and institutional success. This course provides the fundamental background for understanding knowledge management and offers necessary resources and practices to enable participa...
Developing a database of circular design online educational resources.
Bakırlıoğlu, Yekta (null; 2019-10-15)
With the rise, in recent years, of user-generated content and openly available knowledge, many design tools and methods on sustainability and Circular Economy have been developed and self-published online by practitioners and educators. In addition, there are many resources (e.g. policies, reports, tools, etc.) published by non- and intra- governmental organisations with the purpose of promoting sustainable practices and facilitating education for sustainability. While the number of openly available resourc...
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