Evaluating thermal comfort in METU campus buildings

More than a hundred buildings are located on the METU campus in Ankara, which are being used for academic, administrative, social and residential purposes. Some of these buildings are being heated through the campus district heating system, whereas others have individual boilers. All buildings that are located around the main alley on campus are connected to the central heating system, and since all of them are very old, with a heating network older than half a century, it is not possible to vary the level of heating according to individual preferences or requirements in each space. This state of affairs causes spaces facing south, east or west to overheat while those facing north remain cold. The aim of this project is to determine the thermal performance of these buildings; as a first step towards finding a solution for improving thermal comfort conditions within. To this end, the buildings with their surroundings will be simulated and thermal data will be collected to calibrate the building models.


Assessment of seismic fragility curves for low- and mid-rise reinforced concrete frame buildings using Duzce field database
Erberik, Murat Altuğ (2005-06-01)
This paper focuses on the generation of fragility curves for low-rise and mid-rise reinforced concrete frame buildings, which constitute approximately 75% of the total building stock in Turkey and which are generally occupied for residential purposes. These buildings, which suffered extensive damage after recent earthquakes, are not designed according to the current code regulations and the supervision in the construction phase is not adequate. Hence the buildings possess many deficiencies like irregulariti...
Evaluation of walkability among METU students via traditional survey versus route-based data
Tüydeş Yaman, Hediye; Tagmat, Zeynep Pınar; Dalkıç, Gülçin (2017-01-08)
Middle East Technical University (METU) Campus includes a large-capacity pedestrian alley among the academic units that encourage walking strongly. However, the expansion of the campus built environment has started to threaten this aspect, which needs the evaluation of walkability and walking behavior on current campus layout. As a continuation of the previous efforts on understanding pedestrian flows and pedestrian level of service (PLOS) on METU Campus, a new survey was conducted which had a section dedic...
An assessment on housing design exercises in architecture design studio at Middle East Technical University,1957-2010
Rrumbullaku, Desantila; Bilsel, Fatma Cânâ; Department of Architecture (2010)
Housing projects assigned in architecture design studio are considered as an exercise having several pedagogical objectives which constitute a suitable ground of maturation for students after completing their first and second year design studio. The aim of the research is to make an overview of the way housing design projects are conducted in the third year architectural design studio at the Middle East Technical University Department of Architecture, focusing on the last five years in particular. But in th...
Assessment of deterioration and collapse mechanisms of dolomitic limestone at Hasankeyf Antique City before and after reservoir impounding (Turkey)
Topal, Tamer (2016-01-01)
The Hasankeyf Antique City located in southeastern Anatolia (Turkey) includes several historical heritages and man-made caves. It is mainly located in dolomitic limestone. The city will be partly under water after reservoir impounding of the Ilisu dam, and the limestone will be subjected to cyclic processes such as wetting-drying and freezing-thawing. Although a new town is formed and part of the city is transported to a nearby area, this cannot be done for many existing historical and cultural values at th...
A Conservation Management Plan for Gordion and its Environs
Erder, Evin H.; Guersan-Salzmann, Ayse; Miller, Naomi F. (2013-11-01)
A Conservation Management Plan for Gordion and its Environs has been developed by a multidisciplinary team within a partnership between the University of Pennsylvania (both the School of Design and Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology) and Middle East Technical University (Faculty of Architecture) in Ankara. The project has involved a new approach to the protection of cultural material at the site itself, as well as the survey and documentation of a 140 km2 area, with Gordion as its centre, to include the...
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