Industrial Design Materials Experience Laboratory Realization Project

In materials education for industrial design there is a trend towards providing students with access to physical material and product samples. The fundamental reason is for students to experience a wide variety of product materials first-hand through observation and touch, complementing more traditional ways of learning the subject (e.g. via lectures, books, data sheets, and the Internet). The Materials Experience Lab will be a unique specialist resource centre within METU Department of Industrial Design, dedicated to the teaching and learning of materials and design through state-of-the-art experiential means. Phase 1 (Feasibility) was carried out under BAP-08-11-2012-105. This current proposal is to implement the creation of the laboratory, under Phase 2 (Realization).


Industrial design students’ experiences of interdisciplinary teamwork
Demir, Özümcan; Kaygan, Pınar; Department of Industrial Design (2016)
Collaboration with the people from different disciplines has become an essential part of the contemporary industrial design practice. Along with the current trend of interdisciplinary teamwork in professional life, recently new interdisciplinary programs have emerged in university education. Despite the increased importance of interdisciplinarity for industrial design discipline, little is known about the perspectives of industrial design students on interdisciplinary teamwork. This thesis examines this gap...
On the effect of freight villages in Turkey
Baydar, Avni Mete; Süral, Haldun; Çelik, Melih; Department of Industrial Engineering (2018)
In the recent years, there is an increase in the number of design workshops addressing industrial design students. Despite the rising interest and participation of industrial design students in these workshops as extracurricular activities, there is a lack of systematic research focusing on this subject. Addressing this gap, this study aims to capture the overall picture of industrial design students' participation in extracurricular design workshops. This thesis particularly examines industrial design stud...
The Performance-Based Interlinked Model (PBIM) In Architectural Design: Exchanging Environmental, Structural And Spatial Parameters In The Early Design Stage
Yazıcı, Sevil (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2021-6-30)
The paper aims to present a model that generates a framework for incorporating different types of performance issues into the conceptual design to improve the decision-making process of students by extracting only the critical parameters and demonstrate its applicability in the context of architectural education. The proposed Performance-based Interlinked Model (PBIM) seeks to address the question of whether design and performance parameters can be evaluated together in the early design stage, where concept...
Guidelines for a materials selection source for industrial design activity : a survey on the expectations of Turkish designers
Karana, Elvin; Hasdoğan, Gülay Fatma; Department of Industrial Design (2004)
This thesis focuses on the material selection process in industrial design activity and existing material selection sources particularly used by industrial designers. Therefore, in this study, the knowledge about materials the designers need, and materials selection sources and the methods they use are explored. The aim is, to propose guidelines for a materials selection source basing on the designers̕ needs and expectations from such a guide. The thesis consists of a critical review of the literature on ex...
Industrial design students’ perceptions towards a career in user experience field in Turkey
Süner-Pla-Cerdà, Sedef; Günay, Aslı; Töre Yargın, Gülşen; Ural, Haktan (2021-04-01)
The rapid growth of the user experience (UX) field has brought efforts to meet the increasing demand for specialists by welcoming professionals from diverse disciplines, including industrial design (ID). UX field offers ID graduates extended professional possibilities, potentially appeasing the challenging conditions of the ID job market in Turkey. Although there are some educational efforts on getting prepared for a career in UX, how ID students perceive such a career path has not been investigated. For th...
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