Toxic elements in marine products and human hair samples in Mersin, Turkey

Dogan-Saglamtimur, N
Kumbur, H


Conductive polymer composites and copolymers of pyrrole and N-vinylcarbazole
Geissler, Uwe; Hallensleben, Manfred L.; Toppare, Levent Kamil (Elsevier BV, 1991-4)
The synthesis of composites and copolymers of pyrrole and N-vinylcarbazole is described. Both insulating and conducting polymers of N-vinylcarbazole are utilized in the electroinitiated polymerization of pyrrole. The influence of coating either of the conducting polymers prior to the other on the percolating threshold is discussed. The initial presence of both monomers in the reaction medium leads to a copolymer, whereas consecutive electrode coatings from the monomer solution yield inhomogeneous composites...
Vibration exposure of front seat car passengers
Erol, Tuğra; Tarman, Işık Hakan; Department of Engineering Sciences (2004)
Vibration in the vehicle environment has long been investigated considering the driver's exposure. However not only drivers but also the front seat car passengers are exposed to considerable amount of vibration. In order to investigate the phenomenon, this research consisted of three stages. In the first stage of the study, model analysis has been carried out. Based on the results it has been suggested that increased damping in the lumbar area in contact with the backrest can decrease the vibration transmis...
Experimental investigation of CNT effect on curved beam strength and interlaminar fracture toughness of CFRP laminates
Arca, M. A.; Çöker, Demirkan (2014-06-20)
High mechanical properties and light weight structures of composite materials and advances in manufacturing processes have increased the use of composite materials in the aerospace and wind energy industries as a primary load carrying structures in complex shapes. However, use of composite materials in complex geometries such as L-shaped laminates creates weakness at the radius which causes delamination. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) is preferred as a toughening materials in composite matrices due to their high m...
Performance analysis of elliptic curve multiplication algorithms for elliptic curve cryptography
Özcan, Ayça Bahar; Yücel, Melek D; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2006)
Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) has been introduced as a public-key cryptosystem, which offers smaller key sizes than the other known public-key systems at equivalent security level. The key size advantage of ECC provides faster computations, less memory consumption, less processing power and efficient bandwidth usage. These properties make ECC attractive especially for the next generation public-key cryptosystems. The implementation of ECC involves so many arithmetic operations; one of them is the ellipt...
Nanowire-based multifunctional antireflection coatings for solar cells
Hiralal, Pritesh; Chien, Chihtao; Lal, Niraj N.; Abeygunasekara, Waranatha; Kumar, Abhishek; Butt, Haider; Zhou, Hang; Ünalan, Hüsnü Emrah; Baumberg, Jeremy J.; Amaratunga, Gehan A. J. (2014-01-01)
Organic (P3HT/PCBM) solar cells are coated with ZnO nanowires as antireflection coatings and show up to 36% enhancement in efficiency. The improvement is ascribed to an effective refractive index which results in Fabry-Perot absorption bands which match the polymer band-gap. The effect is particularly pronounced at high light incidence angles. Simultaneously, the coating is used as a UV-barrier, demonstrating a 50% reduction in the rate of degradation of the polymers under accelerated lifetime testing. The ...
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N. Dogan-Saglamtimur and H. Kumbur, “Toxic elements in marine products and human hair samples in Mersin, Turkey,” BULLETIN OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINATION AND TOXICOLOGY, pp. 15–21, 2002, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: