An investigation on use of colemanite powder as abrasive in abrasive waterjet cutting (AWJC)

Cosansu, Gulay
Cogun, Can
In the present study, the cutting performance outputs (surface roughness, surface waviness and kerf taper angle) of colemanite powder as abrasive in abrasive watedet cutting (AWJC) with varying traverse rate and abrasive flow rate were investigated experimentally. The performance outputs were compared to that of garnet which is in common use in industry as abrasive in AWJC industry. A17075, marble, glass, Ti6Al4V and a composite material were selected as sample materials in the experiments. Furthermore, colemanite powder was mixed with garnet powder at certain proportions and the obtained surface characteristics were compared with those cut with pure garnet powder. It is found experimentally that in spite of higher amount of colemanite powder consumption with respect to garnet to perform the same cutting action, the colemanite powder could be an alternative powder for AWJC process.


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