Sen Guzin, Sen Guzin
Sener, Bahar
Mobile music listening can be traced back to the introduction of Sony Walkman that upgraded music players both with privacy and portability. With the mobile listening media, our daily journeys in public environment have become more privatized, aestheticized and contented. It is a challenge to perform such a private activity in public environment with many people and audio-visual stimuli around. The journeys with music become additionally challenging with the music players' interfaces confined into tiny buttons and screens that heavily rely on visual modality. This paper discusses if the aesthetic experience of mobile listening can be enhanced through the way users control mobile listening media. It presents the analysis of a tri-partite fieldwork to demonstrate how the use of physicality in interaction can contribute to the beauty of our interactions with mobile listening media while dealing with the challenges in the (use) context. This study points out that context comprises inspiration as well as challenge. The results indicate that controlling mobile listening media becomes sensorially enriched and meaningful when physical context is interpreted as a means of interaction.


Potentials of embodied interactive technologies to enhance mobile listening experience in public environment
Şen, Güzin; Şener Pedgley, Bahar; Department of Industrial Design (2014)
Mobile listening can be defined as an evolved form of listening whose history draws back to the introduction of Sony Walkman, which upgraded music players with both privacy and portability. This thesis underlines the challenge of performing such private activity in a shared environment with many people and audio-visual stimuli around. This 'journey' with music becomes more challenging with the interfaces confined into tiny buttons and screens that are scaled down for the sake of portability of the device. H...
Hardware implementation of inverse transform & quantization and deblocking filter for low power H.264 decoder
Önsay, Önder; Akar, Gözde; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2009)
Mobile devices such as PDAs and cellular phones became indispensible part of business and entertainment world. There are a number of applications run on these devices and they tend to increase day by day causing devices tend to consume more battery power. H.264/AVC is an emerging video compression standard that is likely to be used widely in multimedia environments. As a mobile application, video compression algorithm of H.264 standard has a complex structure that increase the power demand of realizing hard...
NFC feature box: an open, nfc enabler independent mobile payment and identification method
Türk, İsmai; Kesim Çiçekli, Nihan.; Department of Computer Engineering (2019)
The use of Mobile Devices for electronic payment has increased significantly in the last decade. Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile payment is gaining popularity and it is widely considered to be the technology that will turn smartphones into m-wallets. While a typical wallet contains identification, loyalty, public transport and credit cards, m-wallet solutions currently have well-defined standards for credit card enrollment and usage only. In this thesis, we explore and present the main reason for this...
RONFC: A Novel Enabler-Independent NFC Protocol for Mobile Transactions
Turk, Ismail; Angın, Pelin; Cosar, Ahmet (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2019-01-01)
The use of near field communication (NFC) technology for contactless mobile transactions has become popular in the past decade with the availability of this technology in mobile devices. Today, there are millions of the NFC-enabled mobile handsets in the market, with mobile handset manufacturers and mobile network operators enabling m-wallet solutions using the secure elements (SEs) that they own, thus can remotely control, on the devices. While this approach gives full control to the SE owner to activate a...
Music driven real-time 3D concert simulation
Yılmaz, Erdal; Çetin, Yasemin; Erdem, Cigdem Eroglu; Erdem, Tanju; Ozkan, Mehmet (2006-01-01)
Music visualization has always attracted interest from people and it became more popular in the recent years after PCs and MP3 songs emerged as an alternative to existing audio systems. Most of the PC-based music visualization tools employ visual effects such as bars, waves and particle animations. In this work we define a new music visualization scheme that aims to create life-like interactive virtual environment which simulates concert arena by combining different research areas such as crowd animation, f...
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