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Celik, Ilknur (2)
Tum, Danyal Oztas (2)
Erkmen, Besime (1)
Gitlin, Gloria (1)
Kucukertan, Nurten Ozuorcun (1)

Foreign language anxiety (2)
Teacher education (2)
Academic writing (1)
Adaptation techniques (1)
Adaptive web (1)

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2010 - 2016 (8)

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A Model for Adaptive Accessibility of Everyday Objects in Smart Cities
Torre, Ilaria; Celik, Ilknur (2016-09-08)
This paper proposes a model that exploits the Internet of Things in the urban environment to promote the accessibility to physical real-world objects especially to those with special needs. The approach is primarily based ...
Celik, Ilknur (2015-07-08)
Social media has received a worldwide adoption over the last decade for various purposes from communication to exchange of ideas, marketing, networking, following news or celebrities, and even to utilization as a trigger f...
A qualitative study about transmission of religious issues
Sendil, Cagla Oneren; Kucukertan, Nurten Ozuorcun (2012-02-11)
Throughout the childhood, with the help of social, familial and educational agencies, together with views about self and outer world, an individual acquires religious perspective. The purpose of this qualitative study is t...
Ways to uncover teachers' beliefs
Erkmen, Besime (2012-02-11)
The field of teacher education and teacher cognition has recently seen increasing interest in investigating teachers' beliefs about teaching and learning with the recognition that beliefs influence teachers' planning, deci...
Feelings of language anxiety amongst non-native student teachers
Tum, Danyal Oztas (2012-02-11)
As rewarding as it may be. the teaching profession also carries with it considerable challenges and responsibilities. The transition from student teacher to teacher is a formidable step for student teachers. As student tea...
"In this paper I will discuss...": Current trends in academic writing
Tas, E. Eda Isik (2010-05-07)
Corpus-based genre analysis studies not only describe the lexico-grammatical, discoursal and rhetorical features of academic writing in various disciplines but also reveal how these features change over time. In this respe...
The cognition of grammatical structures
Gitlin, Gloria (2010-02-08)
Students today have a need to express themselves. However, there are fewer and fewer students who can put their ideas on paper. Students are embarrassed by this development, and it affects their sense of self-worth. The pu...
Non-native student teachers' feelings of foreign language anxiety
Kunt, Naciye; Tum, Danyal Oztas (2010-02-08)
This study investigates the feelings of foreign language anxiety of student teachers studying in a teacher education program in North Cyprus. The Turkish version of Horwitz's (1986) Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale...
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