Electroforming of thin film silicon based homojunction pin diode

Katircioglu, B.
The recent observations of bright visible electroluminescence (EL) from electroformed thin film silicon based wide-gap alloys are further clamped down in a simpler structure. For this purpose, a standard quality, ordinary hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) homojunction pin diode was fabricated by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition. The fresh diode was characterized by temperature scanned current-voltage (I-V) and constant photocurrent measurements. The energy distribution of density of states within the forbidden gap of the intrinsic a-Si:H layer was determined by space charge limited current and optical absorption spectroscopies. Then the diode was intentionally subjected to a sufficiently high, calibrated electric field leading to its Joule heating assisted rapid crystallization at ambient atmosphere. The fresh and the formed diodes exhibit different I-V and EL characteristics. The current density of the formed diode increases drastically at low voltages while remaining unchanged at high voltages when compared to that of the fresh diode. Parallelly, the room temperature EL intensity under a particular current stress is boosted with electroforming. These interesting phenomena have been discussed in the frame of a self-consistent model.


Fe-, Ni- and Co-induced crystallization of ge thin films fabricated on different substrates for photovoltaic applications
Kabaçelik, İsmail; Kulakcı, Mustafa; Turan, Raşit (null; 2018-07-06)
Metal-induced (Fe-, Ni- and Co-) crystallization of amorphous germanium (a-Ge) thin films were investigated by depositing Ge on c-Si (100) and glass substrates by means of electron beam evaporation. The samples were exposed to post-annealing temperatures of 300, 400 and 500 o C for 1 hour (h). The crystal structure of the Ge films was characterized with a Raman spectrum and X-ray diffraction (XRD) measurements. The Raman spectrum of the samples as-deposited and annealed at a temperature of 300 °C gives broa...
Improvement of Laser-Crystallized Silicon Film Quality via Intermediate Dielectric Layers on a Glass Substrate
Cinar, Kamil; Karaman, Mehmet; Bek, Alpan (2018-05-01)
The laser crystallization (LC) of amorphous silicon thin films into polycrystalline silicon (pc-Si) thin films on glass substrates is an active field of research in the fabrication of Si-based thin film transistors and thin film solar cells. Efforts have been, in particular, focused on the improvement of LC technique. Adhesion promoters of the crystallized Si thin films at the glass interface play a crucial role in the stability and device performance of fabricated structures. The crystalline Si thin films ...
Nanosecond pulsed infrared laser induced crystallization of amorphous silicon films for potential photovoltaic applications
Çınar, Kamil; Bek, Alpan; Department of Physics (2018)
Laser processing applied to thin film silicon is a practical tool for fabrication of thin film transistors and solar cells. Application of laser processing technologies to silicon based photovoltaics has been on the rise. Two examples out of plenty are: crystallization of amorphous Si (a-Si) thin films to produce polycrystalline Si (poly-Si) thin films; and quality improvement of poly-Si structures on the silicon wafer surface by laser annealing. Parameters for optimal crystalline silicon fabrication depend...
Silicon nanowire-silver indium selenide heterojunction photodiodes
KULAKCI, Mustafa; ÇOLAKOĞLU, Tahir; OZDEMİR, Baris; Parlak, Mehmet; Ünalan, Hüsnü Emrah; Turan, Raşit (IOP Publishing, 2013-09-20)
Structural and optoelectronic properties of silicon (Si) nanowire-silver indium selenide (AgInSe2) thin film heterojunctions were investigated. The metal-assisted etching method was employed to fabricate vertically aligned Si nanowire arrays. Stoichiometric AgInSe2 films were then deposited onto the nanowires using co-sputtering and sequential selenization techniques. It was demonstrated that the three-dimensional interface between the Si nanowire arrays and the AgInSe2 thin film significantly improved the ...
Frequency effect on electrical and dielectric characteristics of HfO2-interlayered Si-based Schottky barrier diode
Gullu, H. H.; Yildiz, D. E.; Surucu, O.; Parlak, Mehmet (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-06-01)
This study reveals the electrical properties of In/HfO2/n-Si structure with atomic layer-deposited interfacial oxide layer, HfO2 thin film between In top metal contact and monocrystalline Si wafer substrate. From the dark current-voltage measurements, the diode structure showed good rectifying behavior and low saturation current of about two order of magnitude and 1.2 x 10(- 9) A, respectively. According to the conventional thermionic emission model, zero-bias barrier height and ideality factor were calcula...
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M. ANUTGAN, T. ANUTGAN, İ. ATILGAN, and B. Katircioglu, “Electroforming of thin film silicon based homojunction pin diode,” APPLIED PHYSICS A-MATERIALS SCIENCE & PROCESSING, pp. 197–204, 2012, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/67406.