BILSAT-1: Power system sizing and design

Orlu, U
Yuksel, G
Gomes, L
Hall, K
BILSAT-1(1) is a 129 kg enhanced microsatellite developed by SSTL with TUBITAK-BILTEN engineers as part of a technology transfer programme. The main objective of the mission is remote sensing. The multispectral imager of the satellite has a 26-metre ground sampling distance at 686 km altitude giving a swath width of 55 km and the panchromatic imager of the satellite with 12-metre ground sampling distance gives a 25 km swath width. The satellite has off-axis pointing capability, provided by the ADCS systems, which (amongst other benefits) reduces the revisit time for any given point on the Earth. The advanced and capable Attitude Determination and Control System including star cameras, sun sensors and rate gyros provide accurate and precise attitude information allowing a very high degree of attitude knowledge. Tetrahedral mounted four reaction wheels on board will make the satellite extremely agile, allowing fast slew maneuvers about its roll and pitch axes.
International Conference on Recent Advances in Space Technologies


BILSAT-1 communication subsystem
Belce, O; Telli, A; Maynard, K (2003-11-22)
TUBITAK-BILTEN has initiated a project to develop and propagate small satellite technologies in Turkey. As part of this initiative, TUBITAK-BILTEN has worked with Surrey Satellite Technologies Limited (SSTL) to develop a 100 kg class enhanced microsatellite, BILSAT-1*. With the successful completion of this project, TUBITAK-BILTEN will be capable of producing its own satellites, covering all phases from design to production and in-orbit operation. The project was started in August 2001 and BILSAT-1, shown i...
Multipurpose Platform for Power System Monitoring and Analysis With Sample Grid Applications
Atalik, Tevhid; ÇADIRCI, IŞIK; Demirci, Turan; Ermiş, Muammer; İNAN, TOLGA; Kalaycioglu, Alper Sabri; Salor, Ozgul (2014-03-01)
This paper is devoted to the design and implementation of a multipurpose platform (MPP) for power system monitoring and analysis. This MPP is a novel device, which combines the abilities of a power quality (PQ) analyzer, an event logger, a synchronized phasor measurement unit, and an interarea oscillation identifier, all in one device. The multiple functions of the proposed MPP can serve the needs of the power system operators (SOs) as a wide-area monitoring system to observe the states and stability of the...
Mobile monitoring system to take PQ snapshots of Turkish electricity transmission system
Oezdemirci, E.; Akkaya, Y.; Boyrazoglu, B.; Buhan, S.; Terciyanh, A.; Uensar, O.; Altintas, E.; Haliloglu, B.; Acik, A.; Atalik, T.; Salor, O.; Demirci, T.; Cadirci, I.; Ermiş, Muammer (2007-05-03)
This work is devoted to taking nationwide power quality (PQ) snapshots of the Turkish Electricity Transmission System, via field measurements carried out by application speck mobile monitoring equipment. This project is carried out as a subproject of the National Power Quality Project of Turkey, and is aimed at investigating the general status of electric power quality and reactive power flows in the Electricity Transmission System all over the country. Critical points will then be selected to place permane...
Empirical Proof of Concept for TE Generation in Mobile Computers
Denker, Reha; Muhtaroglu, Ali; Külah, Haluk (2012-12-05)
Thermoelectric (TE) module integration into a mobile computer has been experimentally investigated in this paper for its energy harvesting opportunities. For this purpose, a detailed Finite Element Analysis (FEA) model was constructed for thermal simulations. The model outputs were then correlated with the thermal validation results of the target system. A suitable "warm spot" has been selected, based on the FEA model, to integrate a commercial TE micro-module inside the system with minimum or no notable im...
Mobile monitoring system to take nationwide PQ measurements on electricity transmission systems
Salor, Oe; Buhan, S.; Uensar, Oe; Boyrazoglu, B.; Altintas, E.; Atalik, T.; Haliloglu, B.; Inan, T.; Kalaycioglu, A.; Terciyanli, A.; Acik, A.; Demirci, T.; Oezdemirci, E.; Cadirci, I.; Ermiş, Muammer (2009-05-01)
This paper describes mobile power quality monitoring systems developed to carry out extensive power quality (PQ) measurements nationwide, in addition to instrumentation and measurement technologies used in those systems. The developed systems have been used to measure the PQ of the Turkish Electricity Transmission System, which is among the largest transmission systems in Europe. To make trouble-shooting studies at the problematic measurement points in terms of PQ different measuring instruments and a wide ...
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