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Photoproduction of hydrogen by Rhodobacter capsulatus from thermophilic fermentation effluent

Uyar, Basar
Schumacher, Matthias
Gebicki, Jakub
Modigell, Michael
Rhodobacter capsulatus was used for the phototrophic hydrogen production on effluent solution derived from the thermophilic fermentation of Miscanthus hydrolysate by Thermotoga neapolitana. Pretreatments such as centrifugation, dilution, buffer addition, pH adjustment and sterilization were suggested for the effluent before being fed to the photofermentation. Batch-wise experiments showed that R. capsulatus grows and produces hydrogen on the pretreated effluent solution. Moreover, it was found that the hydrogen yield increased from 0.3 to 1.0 L/L-culture by addition of iron to the effluent solution.