Cytotoxic dose assessment of cell stress inducers on human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells by real-time xCELLigence impedance analysis

Aygar, S.
Cetinkaya, D. Uckan


Cytotoxicity evaluation of gelatin sponges prepared with different cross-linking agents
Ulubayram, K; Aksu, E; Gurhan, SID; Serbetci, K; Hasırcı, Nesrin (2002-01-01)
Gelatin is a natural polymer used in pharmaceutical and medical applications, especially in the production of biocompatible and biodegradable wound dressings and drug delivery systems. Gelatin granules hydrate, swell and solubilize in water, and rapidly degrade in vivo. The durability of these materials could, however, be prolonged by cross-linking by aldehydes, carbodiimides, and aldose sugars, but the biocompatibility of collagenous biomaterials is profoundly influenced by the nature and extent of cross-l...
Cytotoxic Effect of Kv1 3 Blocker Clofazimine on HCT 116 Colon Cancer Cell Line
Husnugil, Hazal; Caner, Yener; Nasit, Igci; Banerjee, Sreeparna; Özen, Can (null; 2015-05-19)
Cytotoxicity of freeze dried EGFR targeted immunoliposome containing celecoxib against overexpressing EGFR and COX-2 colon cancer cell lines and its stability and functional analysis after storage
Banerjee, Sreeparna; Tezcaner, Ayşen(2015-12-31)
In this project, we propose to design EGFR targeted immunoliposome containing celecoxib and use freeze drying as a mean to stabilize it under storage conditions. The mean size, retention of encapsulated materials will be evaluated before lyophilization and after rehydration from storage condition upon its application. In order to show that EGFR antibody of lyophilized immunoliposome maintain its binding activity on the target cell upon rehydration, we will be measuring the extent of immunoliposome internali...
Cytotoxicity of 5-fluorouracil entrapped in gelatin microspheres
Muvaffak, A; Gurhan, I; Hasırcı, Nesrin (2004-05-01)
Gelatin microspheres were prepared by water/oil emulsion polymerization and by cross-linking with glutaraldehyde. For the microsphere preparation procedure, two different gelatin (5 or 10% w/v) and three different glutaraldehyde (5, 0.5 or 0.1% v/v) concentrations were used. The influence of preparation compositions on microsphere recovery, particle size and morphology, swelling and degradation, 5-fluorouracil loading and release, and cytotoxicity were investigated. The concentrations of gelatin and glutara...
Cytotoxic effects of four different endodontic materials in human periodontal ligament fibroblasts
GÖRDUYSUS, MELAHAT; AVCU, NİHAL; Gorduysus, Omer; Pekel, Aysel; Baran, Yusuf; Avcu, Ferit; Ural, Ali Ugur (Elsevier BV, 2007-12-01)
The purpose of this study was to compare the cytotoxicity, induced apoptosis and/or necrosis, and apoptotic mechanisms in human periodontal ligament (PDL) fibroblasts treated with four different endodontic materials: White ProRoot mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) (MTA/Dentsply; Tulsa Dental, Memphis, TN), Diaket (ESPE, Seefeld, Germany), Endion (VOCO, Cuxhaven, Germany), and CYMED 8410 (NANO, Kaohsiung, Taiwan). The effects of these four materials on the viability of PDL fibroblasts were determined by MTT (...
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S. Aygar, G. BALTA, B. ÇELEBİ SALTIK, E. KILIÇ, and D. U. Cetinkaya, “Cytotoxic dose assessment of cell stress inducers on human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells by real-time xCELLigence impedance analysis,” 2016, vol. 283, p. 60, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: