Electromagnetic energy harvesting and density sensor application based on perfect metamaterial absorber

Bakir, Mehmet
Dincer, Furkan
Akgol, Oguzhan
Sabah, Cumali
The proposed study presents an electromagnetic (EM) energy harvesting and density sensor application based on a perfect metamaterial absorber (MA) in microwave frequency regime. In order to verify the absorption behavior of the structure, its absorption behavior is experimentally tested along with the energy harvesting and sensing abilities. The absorption value is experimentally found 0.9 at the resonance frequency of 4.75 GHz. In order to harvest the EM energy, chips resistors are used. In addition, the suggested model is analyzed for its dependency on polarization angles. The results show that the perfect MA can be easily and efficiently used for EM energy harvesting applications. Moreover, as an additional feature of the model, we also realized a density sensor application. It can be seen that this structure can be used as a multi-functional device and configured for many other sensing applications.


Solar energy harvesting with ultra-broadband metamaterial absorber
BAĞMANCI, MEHMET; KARAASLAN, MUHARREM; ÜNAL, EMİN; AKGÖL, OĞUZHAN; BAKIR, MEHMET; Sabah, Cumali (World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt, 2019-03-30)
In this study, a novel metamaterial absorber (MA) is designed and numerically demonstrated for solar energy harvesting. The structure is composed of three layers with different thicknesses. The interactions of three layers bring about the plasmonic resonances. Although the main operation frequency of the structure is chosen between 430 and 770 THz, which is the visible light regime, the proposed structure is also investigated in the ultra-violet (UV) region. One can see from the results that the proposed st...
Multi-band polarization independent cylindrical metamaterial absorber and sensor application
Dincer, Furkan; KARAASLAN, MUHARREM; Colak, Sule; TETİK, ERKAN; AKGÖL, OĞUZHAN; ALTINTAŞ, OLCAY; Sabah, Cumali (World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt, 2016-03-30)
A multi-band perfect metamaterial absorber (MA) based on a cylindrical waveguide with polarization independency is numerically presented and investigated in detail. The proposed absorber has a very simple configuration, and it operates at flexible frequency ranges within the microwave frequency regime by simply tuning the dimensions of the structure. The maximum absorption values are obtained as 99.9%, 97.5%, 85.8%, 68.2% and 40.2% at the frequencies of 1.34 GHz, 2.15 GHz, 3.2 GHz, 4.31 GHz and 5.41 GHz, re...
HİÇDURMAZ, SERDAR; Tarı, İlker (Begell House, 2018-01-01)
A thermal energy storage unit designed to be used in a solid particle concentrated solar energy system is analyzed with the help of ANSYS Fluent 17.0. Hydrodynamics of the bubbling fluidized sand bed of 0.28 m × 1 m × 0.025 m dimensions to be used as a direct contact heat exchanger is modeled and validated. Geldart B-type particles with diameter of 275 micrometers and density of 2500 kg/m3 are used in modeling of bubbling fluidized sand bed. A Syamlal−O'Brien drag model with restitution coefficient of 0.99 ...
Optoelectronic properties of Tl3InSe4 single crystals
QASRAWI, ATEF FAYEZ HASAN; Hasanlı, Nızamı (Informa UK Limited, 2010-01-01)
The crystal structure, temperature-dependent electrical conductivity, Hall coefficient, current-voltage characteristics, absorption spectra and temperature- and illumination-dependent photoconductivity of Tl3InSe4 single crystals were investigated. Tl3InSe4 crystallises in a body-centred lattice with tetragonal symmetry and belongs to the space group [image omitted]. The crystals are extrinsic p-type semiconductors and exhibit a conductivity conversion from p- to n-type at a critical temperature, Tc, of 283...
Metamaterial-based fuel sensor application with three rhombus slots
Tumkaya, Mehmet Ali; ÜNAL, EMİN; Sabah, Cumali (World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt, 2019-09-30)
In this paper, a sensor structure operating in the microwave frequency band is used and it is aimed to determine whether fuel samples are branded or not. In the literature, the studies on the sensor applications of metamaterials (MTMs) have increased considerably in recent years. However, this study, unlike other studies, focuses on determining the changes in electromagnetic parameters of different fuel samples at X band frequencies. For this purpose, the electromagnetic properties of the branded and unbran...
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M. Bakir, M. KARAASLAN, F. Dincer, O. Akgol, and C. Sabah, “Electromagnetic energy harvesting and density sensor application based on perfect metamaterial absorber,” INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS B, pp. 0–0, 2016, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/68189.