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The Effects of Chloramphenicol on Some Biochemical Parameters in Mice

Ege, Hismiogullari Sahver
Tunay, Kontas
Adil, Hismiogullari Adnan
Dinc, Essiz
Gokhan, Eraslan
The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of some dose regimens of chloramphenicol on some biochemical parameters in mice for acute and subacute periods. Chloramphenicol was given to the experimental groups at the doses of 100 mg kg(-1) bw (group 2) and 200 mg kg(-1) bw (group 3) in drinking water for 7 days. Blood samples were taken from all animals on day 0, 1, 7 and 14 of the study. The hepatotoxic effect of cloramphenicol occurred in groups 2 and 3 with increasing doses of cloramphenicol. Hepatotoxicity in groups 2 and 3 was determined based on the levels of increased activity of ALP, AST and ALT.