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Fluorine determination in human and animal bones by particle-induced gamma-ray emission

Sastri, CS
Iyengar, V
Blondiaux, G
Tessier, Y
Petri, H
Hoffmann, P
Aras, NK
Zaichick, V
Ortner, HM
Fluorine was determined in the iliac crest bones of patients and in ribs collected from post-mortem investigations by particle-induced gamma-ray emission based on the (19)F(p,p ' gamma)(19)F reaction, using 2.0/2.5 MeV protons. The results indicate that for 68% of the human samples the F concentration is in the range 500-1999 mug g(-1). For comparison purposes fluorine was also determined in some animal bones; in some animal tissues lateral profiles of fluorine were measured.