Subjective experiences of women who have children with autism

Kalaç, Zeynep
The current thesis aims to gain an in-depth understanding of participants’ experiences of having a child with autism. This research study had two main research questions; (1) how does autistic structure come to develop and (2) how do mothers experience raising a child with autism. Five individuals who have children diagnosed with autism were interviewed. Information gathered through these interviews was analyzed using interpretative phenomenological analysis. Seven super-ordinate themes are emerged, which are (1) challenges during pregnancy and child birth, (2) pre -diagnostic stance of mothers about raising their child, (3) experiencing negative emotions after diagnosis, (4) efforts to compensate for their child’s shortcomings, (5) idealizing their place in their child’s life, (6) conflicting attributions regarding the child’s father (7) projections towards others varying by social proximity. Findings of the current study are discussed according the prevailing literature.


Subjective and Relational Experiences of Young Adults with Stuttering
Uluğ, İrem Ceylan; Gençöz, Faruk; Maraş, Ayşen; Department of Psychology (2022-1)
The aim of the current research is to examine the subjective and relational experiences of young adults who stutter. Particularly, the purpose of the research is to understand how young adults with stuttering make sense of their experiences and the impact of stuttering on their lives. Qualitative research method was applied in parallel to the aim of the study. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with seven individuals who stutter, three of whom were female and four were male. Interpretative Phenomenol...
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Predictive values of social support,coping styles and stress level in posttraumatic growth and burnout levels among the parents of children with autism
Elçi, Özcan; Karancı, Ayşe Nuray; Department of Psychology (2004)
The purpose of the present study was to examine the predictive power of some demographic variables and ways of coping, social support and perceived stress level in predicting burnout and posttraumatic growth levels of parents who have a child with autism. Data was collected by administering a socio-demographic form and four self-report questionnaires. These were the Questionnaire on Resources and Stress Short Form (QRS), Posttraumatic Growth Inventory (PTGI), Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Suppo...
Design guidelines for special education schools for children with autism design and appraisal of private ilgi special education school
Öktem, Zeynep; Baydemir, Aydan; Department of Architecture (2010)
Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder that is seen more and more in the society and it significantly affects the lives of not only those who have autism but also their families and close ones. There is no known cure for autism, the most effective treatment is education. The choice between the several approaches regarding the education of autistic children is shaped according to education choices, children’s age, the severity of symptoms and children’s intellectual capabilities. The thesis focuses on ...
Caregiver parents of children with autism spectrum disorder: need assessment, model testing, and intervention studies
Yalçın, Çağdaş; Bozo Özen, Özlem; Department of Psychology (2016)
The aim of the present thesis was to examine the predictors of well-being in caregivers of children with autism spectrum disorder and to develop a group intervention program for these caregivers. The current thesis is composed of three interrelated studies, whose aims were (1) to determine the problems of caregivers of autism spectrum disorder, (2) to reveal the predictors of caregiver well-being by using the integrative coping model of Holahan and Moos (2007), and (3) to develop and implement a group inter...
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Z. Kalaç, “Subjective experiences of women who have children with autism,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2020.