Comparison of Randomized Solutions for Constrained Vehicle Routing Problem

Demirci, Ibrahim Ethem
Ozdemir, Saziye Ece
Yayla, Oğuz
© 2020 IEEE.In this short paper, we study capacity constrained vehicle routing problem (CVRP) and its solution by randomized Monte Carlo methods. For solving CVRP we use some pseudorandom number generators commonly used in practice. We use linear, multiple-recursive, inversive and explicit inversive congruential generators and obtain random numbers from each to provide a route for CVRP. Then we compare the performance of pseudorandom number generators with respect to the total time the random route takes. We also constructed an open-source library on solving CVRP by Monte-Carlo based heuristic methods.


Implementation and verification of k-kl turbulence model
Dikbaş, Erdem; Baran, Özgür Uğraş (2021-09-08)
In this study, we present the first results of a new turbulence model implementation in our compressible finite volume CFD solver. The k − kL turbulence model is based on the ideas of Rotta’s two-equation model. Various research groups progressively develop the model, and it is maturing rapidly. According to the results presented by others, the k − kL turbulence model provides superior results compared to other two-equation turbulence models. The improved solutions are observed especially in flows with high...
Analysis of vision aided inertial navigation systems
Yuksel, Yigiter; Kaygisiz, H. Burak (2006-04-19)
We propose in this paper a method to integrate inertial navigation systems with electro optic imaging devices. Our method is based on updating the inertial navigation system in a Kalman filter structure using line of sight measurements obtained from a camera. The proposed method is analyzed based on a UAV scenario generated by our trajectory simulator and the results are provided here. The results show that even a single vision aid can improve the performance of inertial navigation system.
Direct Calculation of Entropy Generation by Solving Reynolds-Averaged Entropy Transport Equation in an Air-Cooled Turbine Cascade
Orhan, Omer Emre; Uzol, Oğuz (2012-06-15)
This paper presents an implementation of directly solving Reynolds-Averaged Entropy Transport equation as a part of the CFD solution to predict entropy generation rates in a two-dimensional turbine blade stator section. The Reynolds Averaged Entropy Transport and the necessary modeling. equations are implemented to a commercial CFD solver as a User Defined Scalar (UDS). The results are compared with those obtained by post-processing the temperature and velocity fields obtained by solving full Navier-Stokes ...
Investigation of effect of design and operating parameters on acoustophoretic particle separation via 3D device-level simulations
Sahin, Mehmet Akif; ÇETİN, BARBAROS; Özer, Mehmet Bülent (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-12-16)
In the present study, a 3D device-level numerical model is implemented via finite element method to assess the effects of design and operating parameters on the separation performance of a microscale acoustofluidic device. Elastodynamic equations together with electromechanical coupling at the piezoelectric actuators for the stress field within the solid parts, Helmholtz equation for the acoustic field within fluid, and Navier-Stokes equations for the fluid flow are coupled for the simulations. Once the zer...
Performance Calculation of SR Motors for Optimum Design and a Washing Machine Application
Ertan, Hulusi Bülent (2008-09-09)
This paper aims to develop an approach for performance calculation of an SR motor, which is suitable for use within mathematical design optimization. For this reason the requirement is to develop procedures, which are both accurate and fast. The procedures adopted here rely on flux-linkage-current-position curves of the motor. A series of tests are carried out on a test motor. The results are compared with estimations from the developed algorithms. It is shown that the current waveform, torque-speed curve, ...
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