Radiation Characteristics of a Flexible Bow-tie Antenna

Durgun, Ahmet Cemal
Birtcher, Craig R.
Allee, David R.
This paper presents simulation and measurement of a flexible bow-tie which is fabricated at the Flexible Display Center (FDC) of Arizona State University (ASU). The substrate is heat stabilized polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) which allows the antenna to be flexible. The antenna is flexed in the form of a cylinder and its radiation properties are obtained for different radii of curvature. The return loss, radiation patterns and realized gain of the flexed antenna were compared with those of the flat antenna.


Radiation characteristics of slot excited cylindrical antenna coated by layered anisotropic material
Aydin, O; Hizal, A (1996-05-16)
This paper presents the radiation characteristics of a slot antenna on a conducting circular cylinder coated with an anisotropic layer. Full wave equations in a cylindrical anisotropic medium are derived from transversal field equations using Fourier series in azimuth /spl phi/ and Fourier transform in axial coordinate z. The solution is expressed in terms of state transition matrices which are evaluated numerically. Formulation can be easily generalized to multilayered cylindrical structures. Effects of ch...
Spatial control of a smart beam
Kircali, Omer Faruk; Yaman, Yavuz; Nalbantoglu, Volkan; Şahin, Melin; Karadal, Fatih Mutlu; Ulker, Fatma Demet (2008-08-01)
This study presents the design and implementation of a spatial H(infinity) controller for the active vibration control of a smart beam. The smart beam was modeled by assumed-modes method that results in a model including large number of resonant modes. The order of the model was reduced by direct model truncation and the model correction technique was applied to compensate the effect of the contribution of the out of range modes to the dynamics of the system. Additionally, spatial identification of the beam...
Thermal Sensitivity of the Fundamental Natural Frequency of a Resonant MEMS IR Detector Pixel
Pala, Sedat; Azgın, Kıvanç (2017-08-10)
This paper presents the effect of temperature on the natural frequency of (1,1) mode shape of a Resonant MEMS IR bolometer pixel in the range of 295-340 K. The detector pixel has a square plate geometry having side length of 1400 mu m and thickness of 35 mu m. The resonating plate is supported at its geometric center, enabling more robust pixels with fill factor greater than 90% and less complicated fabrication process. The sensor is fabricated using a Silicon-On-Glass (SOG) process. For the first time in t...
Physical Realization and Reflection Phase Characteristics of a Flexible High Impedance Surface
Durgun, Ahmet Cemal; Birtcher, Craig R. (2011-01-01)
This paper presents the fabrication and reflection phase measurements of a flexible high impedance surface (FHIS). The surface is fabricated by using DuPont pyralux polyimide as the substrate. Cyanoacrylate is used to adhere the samples of polyimide. The reflection phase response of the FHIS, which is curved in the form of a cylinder, is measured in the anechoic chamber and compared with that of the flat FHIS. As expected, reflection phase characteristics of the curved FHIS are polarization dependent and sl...
Electromagnetic Object Recognition for Dielectric Coated Conductors Based on WD-PCA Type Fused Feature Extraction
Sayan, Gönül (2012-01-01)
This paper presents the application of a real-time electromagnetic object classification technique to recognize dielectric coated conducting objects using their wideband scattered signals received at arbitrary combinations of aspect and polarization. The suggested classifier design technique depends on the use of Singularity Expansion Method (SEM) to represent a given electromagnetic scatterer by its natural resonances. A quadratic time-frequency transformation, the Wigner distribution (WD), is used to extr...
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