Welding process control system for real-time tracking of the position of the welding torch by the use of fiber bragg grating based optical sensors ; use of such system

The present application is related to the estimation and/or the control of welding quality depending on time-based position information obtained by using a fiber bragg grating based optical sensor system (3) connected to the welding torch (2). The welding process parameters and the time-based position data of the torch (2) are received such that the mechanical structure of the torch (2) is not changed. Through the proposed system, a more precise correlation is established for estimating the welding quality by considering the spatial position of the torch (2) relative to the work piece (1) along with the weld operation parameters.


Fabrication and a complete structural, optical and electrical analysis of porous germanium nanostructures embedded in a dielectric matrix: possibility of third generation solar cell applications
Altuntaş, Burcu; Turan, Raşit; Department of Physics (2014)
The primary goal of this thesis is to synthesize porous Ge nanostructures embedded in a dielectric matrix and perform a complete structural, optical and electrical characterization. Ge nanostructures can be a good candidate for use in third-generation solar cells, since they are alternative to Si nanostructures owing to their potentially higher photon conversion efficiencies. So far, most of the research is focused on the use of quantum dot structures in photovoltaic applications; although they provide quan...
Computational-Experimental Design Framework for Laser Path Length Controller
Fenercioglu, Tevfik Ozan; Yalçınkaya, Tuncay (2021-08-01)
The application areas of piezoelectric materials are expanding rapidly in the form of piezo harvesters, sensors and actuators. A path length controller is a high-precision piezoelectric actuator used in laser oscillators, especially in ring laser gyroscopes. A path length controller alters the position of a mirror nanometrically by means of a control voltage to stabilize the route that a laser beam travels in an integral multiple of laser wavelength. The design and verification of a path length controller p...
Design optimization of whiffletree systems for wind turbine blade testing
Yeniceli, Süleyman Cem; Kayran, Altan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2014)
In this thesis, the design optimization of a whiffletree system, which is used to simulate the loads for a selected design load case by applying discrete test loads on a wind turbine blade, is performed. Firstly, distributed design loads are calculated for the selected load case by using Microsoft (MS) EXCEL. Then, the test load optimization is performed with the Solver Add-In of the MS EXCEL to find the optimum locations of the load saddles which give the best moment distribution along the blade span accor...
Cogun, Can; Deniz, Tayfun Caglar; Kucukturk, Gokhan (2012-01-01)
In this study, the geometric wear characteristics of tool electrodes were obtained for various pulse time, discharge current and machining depth settings in electric discharge machining. Different forms of protrusions were machined on the front surface of the tool to reduce the geometric wear. Significant reductions in original tool geometric wear characteristics (front wear, side wear and edge wear) were obtained with the use of square cross-section protrusions. The dimensions of the square cross-section p...
Structural, electrical and optical characterization of ge-implanted gase single crystal grown by Bridgman Method
Karaağaç, Hazbullah; Akınoğlu, Bülent Gültekin; Department of Physics (2005)
In this work, structural, electrical and optical characterization of as-grown, Ge-implanted, and annealed GaSe single crystals grown by using 3-zone vertical Bridgman-Stockbarger system, have been studied by carrying out X-ray Diffraction (XRD), electrical conductivity, Hall effect, photoconductivity, and spectral transmission measurements. The temperature dependent electrical conductivity of these samples have been measured between 100 and 400 K. As a result, it was observed that upon implanting GaSe with ...
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