Culture Gender and Politeness Apologies in Turkish and British English



Cultural life script and personal life story events in Turkish cultural context
Aytaç, Fatma Kübra; Şahin Acar, Başak; Department of Psychology (2019)
The current study aims to identify the different aspects of the life script and life story to examine whether autobiographical memory recall is guided by the life script in Turkish culture. In this study, the psychological analysis was integrated with the sociological approach by addressing the relationship between autobiographical memory and cultural life script events in the light of previous studies. In total, 241 women and 168 men participated in the study by filling out demographic information form, Th...
Cultural context, obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms, and cognitions: A preliminary study of three Turkish samples living in different countries
Yorulmaz, Orcun; Isik, Bilgen (2011-01-01)
Previous research findings have suggested that recent cognitive accounts of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) are valid across different cultural contexts for both clinical and nonclinical samples; however, there is evidence that cultural differences may have an impact on a number of cognitive variables. For this reason, immigration provides an exceptional opportunity for an examination of the role of cultural context in cognitions and possible changes in cultural characteristics. To this end, the present...
Cultural production and urban locality in the fields of jazz and fashion design
İlkuçan, Altan; Rittersberger Tılıç, Helga İda; Department of Sociology (2013)
This study aims to analyze the relationship between cultural producers in Istanbul and the wider processes of neoliberal urban restructuring that takes in their surroundings. The study uses a Bourdieusian framework to uncover such relationships between cultural producers and external influences on their respective fields. By focusing on the case of two fields (jazz and fashion design) as located in Kuledibi, Galata, the study aims to establish a localized perspective to the relationship between the cultural...
Cultural Risk Assessment in Construction Projects
Buqammaz, A,; Dikmen Toker, İrem; Birgönül, Mustafa Talat (2006-11-29)
Construction projects are subject to diverse risk factors which may influence project participants' performance and eventually quality of the constructed projects. One of the significant risk factors is cultural risk that stems from the characteristics of a multi-cultural project environment. Therefore, it is essential to analyze causes and consequences of cultural risk when a construction organization decides to perform projects where different cultures of project parties may cause conflicts in the working...
Cultural factors as associates of workplace sexual harassment perceptions and coping preferences
Dinçal, Didem; Toker, Yonca; Department of Psychology (2019)
The present study examined the association of cultural variables which were liberalism/conservatism, uncertainty avoidance, ambivalent sexism, and organizational climate related to workplace Sexual Harassment (SH) with perceiving the ambiguous forms of social-sexual incidents namely sexist hostility, sexual hostility, and insinuation of interest as SH. Women’s coping preferences for different forms of SH were examined on an exploratory basis. Data were collected from 226 women and 154 men employers who were...
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