Effects of Stress on Teacher Decision Making

This book is the latest volume in the Research on Stress and Coping in Education series. The authors present original research and current theory regarding the realities of coping with the stresses of teaching. The chapters highlight working conditions for teachers around the globe and the processes and strategies that teachers use to survive and thrive in their daily work with students, families, and educational administrators. Both stress researchers and educational policy makers will find the chapters offer insights into sources of stress for teachers, strategies for stress prevention and coping, and the negative consequences that stress can have on teacher retention. Researchers from Norway, Turkey, Greece, the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Italy, and China illustrate through a variety of research methods both the centrality of cultural context and the commonalities of teacher experiences around the world.


Effects of problem-based learning and traditional instruction on self-regulated learning
Sungur, Semra; Öztekin, Ceren (2006-05-01)
The authors used the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire to investigate the effectiveness of problem-based learning (PBL) and traditional instructional approaches on various facets of students' self-regulated learning, including motivation and learning strategies. Participants included 61 tenth-grade students from 2 intact classes instructed by the same biology teacher. The authors randomly assigned 1 class as the experimental group and the other class as the control group. Teachers instructed t...
Effects of a social-ecological intervention on physical activity knowledge level and behaviors of students in rural settings
Cengiz, Cevdet; İnce, Mustafa Levent; Department of Physical Education and Sports (2011)
This study examined the effects of social-ecological intervention on physical activity (PA) knowledge level and behaviors of rural middle school students. A pre-test post-test control group design was constructed. In addition, qualitative data was collected by focus group discussions after the post-test in experimental group. Two schools from similar rural settings were identified as experimental and control schools. In total 62 students from 6, 7, 8 grades of these schools participated in this study. Exper...
Effects of prenatal alcohol axplosure on activity, anxiety and learning in young adult Wistar rats
Dursun, İlknur; Doğru, Ewa; Department of Biology (2005)
The objective of the present study was to examine the effects of prenatal exposure to alcohol on sensorimotor coordination, emotionality, learning and memory in young adult Wistar rats. Most of the recent reports concerning behavioral effects of fetal alcohol exposure refer to the juvenile period of life and very few studies investigated different aspects of behavior simultaneously in the same subjects. In the current study, alcohol was delivered to the pregnant dams by intragastric infusions, throughout ge...
The impact of parental control and marital conflict on adolescents’ self-regulation and adjustment
Harma, Mehmet; Sümer, Nebi; Department of Psychology (2008)
The current study aims to increase understanding of influences on and consequences of self-regulation in adolescence. Previous work has shown that higher levels of self-regulation are associated with greater social competence and lower levels problem behaviors. Past studies have posited that parenting and interparental conflict are linked to self-regulation and adjustment in childhood and adolescence. However, the mechanism underlying the potential effects of specific parental behaviors and interparental co...
Effects of group theraplay on social skills and problem behaviors of preschoolers in classroom environment
Sancak, Sümeyye; Tantekin Erden, Feyza; Department of Early Childhood Education (2019)
Theraplay is a structured and attachment based play therapy method that helps children to improve self-esteem and trust in others. Group Theraplay is an extended version of Theraplay used in group settings that aims to increase the sense of connection and belonging among group members via using structured group games with its unique therapeutic rules. The method can be used in different group formats like classrooms and clinical settings. The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of Group Therapla...
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