Possible predictors of self care among adolescents

Güneş, Seren
Kazak Berument, Sibel
Self-care is an umbrella term for all hygiene related behaviors. Self-care is considered as one of the single strong predictors of disease prevention. The current study aimed to investigate predictive roles of age, gender, youth’s effortful control, maternal conscientiousness, maternal behaviors, maternal expectations, as well as perceived parenting on self-care of adolescents. Data from 271 mother-adolescent dyads (MAD) were examined. Adolescents reported their effortful control, perceived parenting, as well as self-care behaviors. Mothers reported their conscientiousness, self-care behaviors, and expectations from their children on self-care. A hierarchical regression analysis was carried out. In Step 1 age and gender of adolescents; in Step 2 adolescent effortful control scores, in Step 3 maternal conscientiousness, in Step 4 maternal self-care and expectation from their children, and in Step 5 perceived parenting (warmth, comparison, overprotection, and psychological control) were entered into the equation. Overall variables accounted for 24 % of total variance for adolescents’ self-care behaviors (F(12,259) = 6.62, p < .001). In the last step of the analysis, age (β = .35, p < .001) and gender (β = .21, p < .001) of adolescents, and maternal self-care behaviors (β = .15, p = .012) were significant predictors of adolescents’ self-care behaviors. Scores of maternal expectations from their children on self-care approached significance (β = .11, p = .06). In sum, compared to boys, girls tended to report higher levels of self-care. As the age of adolescents increased, also the scores of self-care increased. Since boys seem to less likely to care for themselves; it can be beneficial to design special interventions for them. In addition, maternal behaviors and expectations seemed to have significant roles on self-care behaviors of adolescents. Therefore, involving mothers in adolescent interventions as role models may lead to better outcomes.
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S. Güneş and S. Kazak Berument, “Possible predictors of self care among adolescents,” presented at the Meeting of 17th European Conference on Developmental Psychology (2015), Portekiz, 2015, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/71358.