Augmented reality for enhanced student industrial design presentations

Topal, Basak
Şener Pedgley, Bahar
Augmented reality (AR) has developed rapidly in recent years, causing the technology to move out of the preserve of large budgets and significant infrastructure, into an accessible and affordable visualization tool capable of running on a smart phone. However, the usage of this technology for superimposing digital content such as 3D models and images onto the real world, has not been sufficiently explored in industrial and engineering design for presentation purposes. Even though designers have access to various tools and methods for presenting design projects, some of which are digital, intended user experiences or product specifications are sometimes not conveyed satisfactorily. This paper explores the potential of AR technologies to enable designers to enhance their 2D presentation boards and 3D physical mock-ups with an additional layer of digital information. The study was carried out in an educational context through a design project (bedside alarm clock) with eight postgraduate students. Students were exposed to three project parts: 1) AR presentation and software demonstrations; 2) concept design and creation of AR content; and 3) evaluation of utilized AR software. Digitally-created design content was successfully presented interchangeably and overlapping in real-time with physical media. The experience was variously described as presentation boards and mock-ups 'coming to life' with augmented content including text, images, animations, video and sound. The latter was found especially valuable for properly conveying the audible design intent for the alarm clock projects. The paper concludes on how AR technologies can support industrial design presentations and some suggestions for technological developments. © 2015, The Design Society. All Rights Reserved.
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