Mixed Reality Technologies for Enriching Presentations in Industrial Design Education

Topal, Başak
Mixed Reality (MR) has developed rapidly in recent years, causing the technology to move out of the preserve of large budgets and significant infrastructure, into an accessible and affordable visualization tool capable of running on a smart phone. However, the usage of this technology for superimposing digital content such as 3D models and images onto the real world, has not been sufficiently explored in industrial design for presentation purposes. The first part of this study is an assessment of final presentation materials of industrial design students to find out the shortcomings of traditional presentation tools and methods in regards to visual communication. An analysis framework has been developed based on the communication needs of industrial design students in projects of large scale and complex interactivity and the benefits of immersion brought on by MR technologies to assess the final submissions of the students based on the representations of usage context, audiovisual feedback and 3D fidelity. The second part is a participant observation study where an elective course structure was devised towards incorporating MR technology to design projects to address the problems of representation in the aforementioned aspects of the design. The thesis concludes with strategies on how to integrate MR to final educational industrial design project presentations.
Citation Formats
B. Topal, “Mixed Reality Technologies for Enriching Presentations in Industrial Design Education,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2021.