Design of reinforced concrete columns under biaxial bending

Marjani, Farzad


Design of reinforced concrete members by the strut-and-tie method
Matraji, Mounir; Atımtay, Ergin; Department of Civil Engineering (1997)
Design of a vehicle barrier
Kaplan, Engin Metin; Oral, Süha; Dağ, Serkan; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2013)
In this study, the crash of a medium heavy vehicle onto a designed vehicle barrier is studied numerically. Structural integrity of the vehicle barrier is studied by nonlinear dynamic methods under the loading conditions which is defined in the standards. Nastran and Ls-Dyna which are commercial softwares are used to solve the problem. Outer geometry determination, allignment of the inner part and material properties of the vehicle barrier are studied linearly to yield design parameters. Best design paramete...
Design of stepped impedance transformers with large number of sections.
Çoğun, Ferrin; Department of Electrical Engineering (1984)
Design of isolated bridges for multi-level seismic performance using gapped device connections
Dicleli, Murat (2017-10-01)
Design of isolated bridges for adaptive seismic performance using gapped hysteretic damper connections
Dicleli, Murat (null; 2018-08-03)
Hysteretic dampers in bridges with seismically isolated decks are usually coupled with shock transmitters in order to prevent their engagement during thermal displacements of the deck. An alternative design approach is presented in this paper where the dampers are attached to the deck using elongated holes (gaps) which are sized to accommodate the thermal displacements and hence to keep the dampers from being activated during thermal displacements. The gaps are sized based on the expected maximum thermal di...
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F. Marjani, “Design of reinforced concrete columns under biaxial bending,” Middle East Technical University, 1989.