Effect of Annealing on the Structural, Chemical and Electrical Characteristics of the HfO2 Thin Films

Kaya, Şenol
Lök, Ramazan
Aktağ, Aliekber
Karaçalı, Hüseyin
Yıldız, İlker
Yılmaz, Ercan
Nowadays researchers have been considered to exploring the new high-k materials to be used in state of art CMOS technology to replace conversional SiO2 dielectrics. Various high-k dielectrics materials HfO2 have been considered, but the HfO2 has reported as one of the most promising materials among them. In addition, crystallization and morphological variations change the electrical performance of the device. Hence we aim to study effects of annealing temperature on the Structural, chemical and electrical characteristics of the HfO2 thin films deposited by RF sputtering. The annealing were performed at 300 °C and 550 °C in forming gas environment for 30 minutes. The structural characterizations were studied by XRD and AFM measurements while the chemical evolution and electrical characteristics were discussed by XPS and C-V measurements of the film, respectively. Results demonstrate that the film crystallinity were enhanced and surface roughness decrease with annealing. In addition, the SiO2 interfacial layer formation was observed after annealing and the peak intensity rise with annealing temperature. The capacitances of device significantly decrease after 550 °C annealing. It may be conclude that the optimum annealing temperature is 300 °C for the HfO2 to be used in MOS based technology.
Citation Formats
Ş. Kaya, R. Lök, A. Aktağ, H. Karaçalı, İ. Yıldız, and E. Yılmaz, “Effect of Annealing on the Structural, Chemical and Electrical Characteristics of the HfO2 Thin Films,” presented at the Cost To-Be Spring Meating 2017 (03 - 05 Nisan 2017), Lüksemburg, 2017, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/71953.