Rutting Potential of Asphalt Mixtures Using Concept of Shear Resistance

Güler, Murat
Bosscher, Peter
In this study, correlation between rutting potential of hot asphalt mixtures and shear resistance is investigated using Gyratory Load Cell Plate Assembly (GLPA). The GLPA was developed to measure shear resistance of asphalt mixtures with the Superpave gyratory compactor. To demonstrate a possible correlation between shear resistance and rutting, unconfined triaxial repeated load tests were conducted on specimens compacted by varying gradation, asphalt content and fine aggregate angularity. Results of MnRoad field experiments were used to determine rutting test parameters, i.e. deviatoric stress, temperature and loading frequency, to approximate field conditions. Analyses were performed to investigate if a correlation exists between shear resistance and flow number which indicates mix potential for rutting. Test results indicted that expected relationships were reasonably obtained for all tests specimens. It was found that specimens with higher shear resistance resulted in larger flow numbers and hence lower permanent strains than those with lower shear resistance (A). For the covering abstract of the conference see ITRD E212343.
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M. Güler and P. Bosscher, “Rutting Potential of Asphalt Mixtures Using Concept of Shear Resistance,” presented at the RA - TRANSPORT RESEARCH ARENA EUROPE 2006: 2006: GREENER, SAFER AND SMARTER ROAD TRANSPORT FOR EUROPE. PROCEEDINGS (12TH-15TH JUNE 2006 ), GOETEBORG, SWEDEN, 2006, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: