Structural monitoring of andirap bridge for overload passage

Andirap bridge is located over Seyhan river passing a deep valley and has a big strategic importance since heavy loaded trucks carrying excavation and fill material from Kavsak Bendi hydroelectric power plant construction site have to use the bridge. Serious concerns were raised since Andirap bridge may not be adequately strong to carry about 250 trucks per day, each weighting more than 50 tons for the coming next two years. A preliminary visual and analytical evaluation of the bridge has leaded instrumented truck load testing. Strengthening of bridge members were canned out. Currently, 10 strain and temperature gages as well as two displacement sensors are installed on the bridge and monitoring bridge response under truck traffic to detect if there would be any permanent changes in the bridge's structural health status. Interesting results are reported about dynamic amplification of truck load induced member forces acting on the bridge. Attempts on permanent vertical deformation measurement systems were discussed.
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