Developing critical reading awareness throughadvertisement slogans

Doğan, Cemile
Balbay, Seher
This presentation reports on a series of analytical activities used in an advanced reading course. Students were sensitized to subtle variations in advertisement slogans. After presenting the discourse analysis principles briefly, this interactive presentation will engage the audience in analyzing some slogans.
2nd TESOL Turkey International ELT Conference, (2019)


The nature and development of interaction among components of pedagogical content knowledge in practicum
Aydın, Sevgi; Demirdogen, Betul; Akın Çelebi, Fatma; Kondakçı, Esen; Tarkin, Aysegul (2015-02-01)
This secondary analysis study focused on how interactions among preservice teachers' pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) components developed throughout a 14-week CoRe-based mentoringenriched practicum course, and the nature of those interactions. Data were collected from three preservice teachers, information-rich cases, by the use of content representation (CoRe) and semi-structured interviews. Content analysis and the constant comparative method were employed in the data analysis. Results revealed that t...
Academic Oral Presentation Skills
Balbay, Seher(2005-2006)
The course aims at developing oral presentation skills. To this end, students are engaged in classroom discussions following advanced reading texts on a variety of topics. In the course students study effective presentation techniques, do extensive reading and carry out research to give presentations of different functions with mature content and topical vocabulary.
Investigating the effects of individual interest and goal-orientation on ordinary and worthy performance
Akbay, Tuncer; Yıldırım, İbrahim Soner; Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology (2018)
This dissertation aimed to investigate whether individual interest and achievementgoal orientations facilitate learning and task performance. Through quasi experimental design, we tested the hypothesized effects of individual interest, achievement-goal orientations, and their interactions on rote learning, meaningful learning, and worthy performance distinctly. In this investigation, 187 participants were grouped based upon their individual interest levels (high vs low) and achievement-goal orientations (ac...
Testing the interface hypothesis: L2 acquisition of English subjects and articles by Turkish learners
Geydir, Ecem; Sağın Şimşek, Sultan Çiğdem; Department of English Language Teaching (2020)
This thesis aims to expand the testing grounds of the Interface Hypothesis (IH) by investigating the acquisition of English subjects operating with pure syntax and article uses of (in)definiteness and genericity in English governed with external and internal interfaces respectively by L1-Turkish learners. Fifty-eight sophomore students who have been studying in the Department of Foreign Language Education of a state university in central Turkey were asked to complete a Grammaticality Judgement, a Discourse ...
A review of literature on mobile question answer systems subject matter teaching strategy context and student perception
Ataş, Amine Hatun; Delialioğlu, Ömer (null; 2015-11-07)
This systematic literature review consists of a thematic synthesis of qualitative articles published on the use of Question-Answer Systems (QAS) s via mobile devices in lecture-based courses within last 7 years timeframe on four variables, which are subject matter in which the QASs are implemented, the teaching strategies including the purpose and pedagogy behind using these tools, context of the courses and lastly student perceptions about the effectiveness of the QASs
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