MDAO for aerodynamic assessment of a morphed wing for the loiter segment of a UAV flight mission

Yang, Yosheph
Özgen, Serkan
Yaman, Yavuz
Ciarella, Andrea
Hahn, Marco
Beaverstock, Chris S.
Friswell, Michael I.
In this paper a detailed overview of a framework for an optimization of a morphing wing is presented. The framework presented here aids the design process of a morphing UAV wing which includes the variety of the flight phases and morphing concepts. The framework consists of two main solvers to compute the aerodynamic assessment of the wing: a fast low-fidelity module that solves the aeroelastic problem by coupling a geometrically nonlinear structural model to a potential flow aerodynamic model and a high-fidelity CFD module for detailed RANS simulation. This framework is later applied to the optimization of a morphing UAV wing for the loiter phase of the flight. The wing described in this paper is the focus of the European Union FP7 CHANGE project.


Multinucleon transfer in Ni-58+Ni-60 and Ni-60+Ni-60 in a stochastic mean-field approach
Yilmaz, B.; Ayik, S.; Yılmaz, Osman; Umar, A. S. (2018-09-07)
The multinucleon exchange mechanism in Ni-58 + Ni-60 and Ni-60 + Ni-60 collisions is analyzed in the framework of the stochastic mean-field approach. The results of calculations are compared with the time-dependent random-phase approximation (TDRPA) calculations and the recent data of Ni-58 + Ni-60. A good description of the data and a relatively good agreement with the TDRPA calculations are found.
Synthesis, analysis and design of a novel mechanism for the trailing edge of a morphing wing
Şahin, Harun Levent; Yaman, Yavuz; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2018)
In this thesis, synthesis, analysis and design of a novel scissor-structural mechanism (SSM) with a four-bar (FB) linkage for the trailing edge of a morphing wing has been presented. The SSM, which is deployable, is created via combination of various scissor-like elements (SLEs). In order to provide mobility requirements, a FB linkage is assembled to the proposed SSM. The FB linkage is synthesized and optimized in order to give the structure required torque with a complete rotation. The SSM is designed with...
Measurement of lift and drag in morphing wings using a high precision load cell
Özkanaktı, Mehmet Harun; Özgen, Serkan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2015)
This thesis focuses on computational and experimental investigation of three different morphing wing planforms and a baseline wing planform using a commercial CFD software and load cell measurements for the validation of an optimization code developed in a separate study. The wing planforms of interest originate from an optimization tool that minimizes drag for a constant value of lift at a given velocity. The first planform of interest is the planform for optimized drag subject to 14 m/s freestream velocit...
Oeksuz, Oezhan; Akmandor, Ibrahim Sinan (2008-06-13)
In this paper, a new multiploid genetic optimization method handling surrogate models of the CID solutions is presented and applied for multi objective turbine blade aerodynamic optimization problem. A fast, efficient, robust, and automated design method is developed to aerodynamically optimize 3D gas turbine blades. The design objectives are selected as maximizing the adiabatic efficiency and torque so as to reduce the weight, size and cost of the gas turbine engine. A 3-Dimensional steady Reynolds Average...
Aerodynamic modelling and optimization of morphing wings
Körpe, Durmuş Sinan; Özgen, Serkan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2014)
This thesis deals with aerodynamic optimization of morphing wings under performance and geometric constraints. In order to perform the optimization process, flow solvers computing aerodynamic lift and drag were developed as a function evaluator. A gradient based optimization method was used in order to develop the optimization algorithm. Three dimensional panel method solver was developed in order to obtain lift, pressure drag and induced drag values for a finite wing. Obtained results were compared with di...
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