Aklın bir anlık durgunluğu: sanallık ve mimarlığı üzerine tezler



Aklın Bir Anlık Durgunluğu [araçsal ve eleştirel aklın mütemadi gerginliğine dair notlar]
Sargın, Güven Arif (Tmmob Mimarlar Odası Samsun Şubesi, 2021-05-01)
Instantaneous Consciousness of Time: Reconsidering Dainton’s Model of the Specious Present in the Context of Husserl’s and Broad’s Models
Shores, Corry Michael (2020-12-01)
In his book The Stream of Consciousness, Barry Dainton proposes his “overlap model” to explain the phenomenon of continuous time without succumbing to the problems of previous models, such as the ones by Edmund Husserl and C.D. Broad. Dainton rejects models with instantaneous phenomenal presents, because he favors ones with a durationally extensive “specious present.” Yet, his portrayal of present perceptual awareness as spanning an extent of time could become problematic if we try to square i...
Investigation of design as the next step in software product evolution : an analysis of added values
Dino, Ekin; Erbuğ, Çiğdem; Department of Industrial Design (2005)
Software products are tools that find more uses in the society every day, both professionally and in daily lives of members of the society. This thesis focuses on the problems and possibilities related to current software products. By analysis of the problems and current issues in the software field, possible contribution of a design-oriented approach to software products is explored. The thesis is supported by a study in the form of a semi-structured observation.
New directions in the direction of time
Bağcı, Gökhan Barış; Grünberg, Teo; Department of Philosophy (2006)
This thesis analyzes the direction of time problem in the framework of philosophy of science. The radiation arrow, Newtonian arrow, thermodynamic arrow and quantum mechanical arrow have been studied in detail. The importance of the structure of space-time concerning direction of time is emphasized.
Tasarımın Sağlık ve İyi Oluşa Etkisi
Şener Pedgley, Bahar (2018-12-01)
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G. A. Sargın, Aklın bir anlık durgunluğu: sanallık ve mimarlığı üzerine tezler . 2002, p. 26.