Evaluation of Structural Systems of TOKİ Houses in terms of Sustainability

Dener, Ezgi
Ay, Bekir Özer
International Symposium on Urbanization and Environmental Problems: Transition/Transformation/Authenticity (27 - 29 Haziran 2018)


Evaluation of punching shear strength design and modelling approaches for slab-column connections
Zorlu, Merve; Binici, Barış; Department of Civil Engineering (2012)
Flat plate systems are constructed with slabs directly supported on columns. Since there are no beams in the system, the behavior of connections between the slabs and columns play a crucial role. Due to the sudden and brittle nature of punching shear failures, slab-column connection design must be conducted with proper safety precautions. The first part of this study aims to evaluate the safety level of different design expressions in the codes. Fir this purpose, the ability of ACI 318-11, TS-500 and Euroco...
Evaluation of Inductance Measurement Methods for PM Machines
Ertan, Hulusi Bülent (2012-09-05)
For simulation purposes and developing controllers, accurate motor parameters are needed to successfully estimate motor performance. Plenty of research has been done on this issue. However, standard procedures are not established yet. This paper concentrates on the measurement of the most critical parameter for permanent magnet motors, namely motor inductances of such motors. Frequency dependence, current dependence and the effect of the power supply waveform on measurements are investigated. Tests are done...
Evaluation of Circular Construction Works During Design Phase: An Overview of Valuation Tools
Kayaçetin, Nuri Cihan; Verdoodt, Stijn; Lefevre, Lode; Versele, Alexis (2022-01-01)
The construction industry is one of the largest producers of waste. The Circular Economy Action Plan of the EU aims to tackle this issue and aspires to enhance the sustainability of the construction industry by adopting more circular principles and bio-based material use. For this purpose, an approach is being developed that facilitates coherence between technical, economical, legal, social aspects, and business models for circular design and building with bio-based materials in the Interreg Circular Bio-Ba...
Evaluation of shear wall indexes for reinforced concrete buildings
Soydaş, Ozan; Yakut, Ahmet; Department of Civil Engineering (2009)
An analytical study was carried out to evaluate shear wall indexes for low to mid-rise reinforced concrete structures. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of different shear wall ratios on performance of buildings to be utilized in the preliminary assessment and design stages of reinforced concrete buildings with shear walls. In order to achieve this aim, forty five 3D building models with two, five and eight storeys having different wall ratios were generated. Linearly elastic and nonlinear st...
Evaluation of temporary housing units with multi-criteria decision making methods
Akdede, Nil; Ay, Bekir Özer; Department of Building Science in Architecture (2018)
Disasters caused by natural hazards or socio-political crises pose widespread damage or mass migration on built environment resulted with loss of housing. To meet accommodation needs of disaster victims, post disaster temporary accommodation units, including temporary sheltering and temporary housing units, are common solutions not only to bridge the gap until permanent housing are ready to use but also to provide physical and psychological rehabilitation. As post-disaster accommodation units are absolutely...
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