Yenigörüce Havzası’ndaki Yağış-Akış İlişkisinin HEC-HMS Hidrolojik Modeli ile Belirlenmesi

Mesta, Buket
Kargı, Pınar Gökçe
Ayvaz, Mustafa Tamer
Göktaş, Recep Kaya
Kentel Erdoğan, Elçin
Tezel, Ulaş


Yenigörüce Havzası’ndaki Yağış-Akış İlişkisinin HEC-HMS Hidrolojik Modeli ile Belirlenmesi
Mesta, Buket; Kargı, Pınar Gökçe; Tezyapar, İpek; Ayvaz, Mustafa Tamer; Göktaş, Recep Kaya; Kentel Erdoğan, Elçin; Tezel, Ulaş (2018-10-27)
Determination of the rock mass characteristics and support systems of the new Ulus Tunnel, Ankara
Aksular, Irem; Doyuran, Vedat; Department of Geological Engineering (2008)
The New Ulus Tunnel will be constructed within the andesitic terrain at Hıdırlıktepe (Ankara). Excavation of the tunnel will be accomplished through blast and drill method. Emprical methods will be consulted during the design of the support systems as well as the slope of the portal rock face. Therefore it is essential to perform detailed rock mass characterization studies. In this thesis it is aimed to determine the rock mass characteristics in order to design the rock slope of the portals and to assess th...
Neo- and seismo-tectonic characteristics of the Yenigediz (Kütahya) area
Gürboğa, Şule; Koçyiğit, Ali; Department of Geological Engineering (2011)
Erdoğmuş-Yenigediz graben is one of the major structural elements of Akşehir-Simav Fault System (ASFS), which is a major extensional structure in the southwestern Anatolian extensional neotectonic province (SWAEP). It is about 6-10-km-wide, 15-km-long and approximately ENE-trending and is actively growing structure as indicated by the 1970.03.28 (Mw= 7.2) Gediz earthquake. The graben is characterized by two distinct units, separated by an angular unconformity: (i) Miocene-middle Pliocene Arıca formation and...
Yeni Kiral α-Amino Fosfonik Asitlerin ve Aziridinil Fosfonik Asitlerin Sentezi
Beksultanova, Nurzhan; Doğan, Özdemir; Polat Çakır, Sıdıka; Khan, Rehan (null; 2017-09-30)
Design and synthesis of novel donor-acceptor type monomers and ınvestigation of optoelectronic properties of their polymers
Ünver, Elif Köse; Tanyeli, Cihangir; Department of Chemistry (2010)
A proven strategy, donor-acceptor approach, to reduce the band gap of conjugated materials and possibly improve the photocurrent is to incorporate electron-rich and electron-deficient units in an alternating fashion in a polymer chain. For this purpose, a wise selection of donor and acceptor moieties in a monomer structure results in desired finishing properties of polymeric materials. In this study, fourteen novel monomers were synthesized to explore the acceptor and donor effects on the electronic and opt...
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B. Mesta, P. G. Kargı, M. T. Ayvaz, R. K. Göktaş, E. Kentel Erdoğan, and U. Tezel, “Yenigörüce Havzası’ndaki Yağış-Akış İlişkisinin HEC-HMS Hidrolojik Modeli ile Belirlenmesi,” 2018, vol. 1, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: