Grinding systems applied to Seydişehir bauxite ores.

Lütfullahoğlu, H. Kenan


Grinding Operation of a Workpiece with an Unknown Sahpe Considering Tool Deflection Compensation
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Cutting strategies for forging die manufacturing on cnc milling machines
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Manufacturing of dies has been presenting greater requirements of geometrical accuracy, dimensional precision and surface quality as well as decrease in costs and manufacturing times. Although proper cutting parameter values are utilized to obtain high geometrical accuracy and surface quality, there may exist geometrical discrepancy between the designed and the manufactured surface profile of the die cavities. In milling process; cutting speed, step over and feed are the main cutting parameters and these pa...
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H. K. Lütfullahoğlu, “Grinding systems applied to Seydişehir bauxite ores.,” Middle East Technical University, 1984.