Namus kültürlerinde namus ve namus adına kadına şiddet: Sosyal psikolojik açıklamalar

The purpose of this article is to review studies focusing on honor, especially honor defined over women’s behavior, and violence against women in the name of honor in the cultures of honor. In this regard, first of all the meaning of honor in different cultures is mentioned and then the meaning of honor in the cultures of honor is discussed. Through addressing the traditional roles in the cultures of honor, different roles and responsibilities of men and women in relation to honor is given. The perception of the word honor in Turkey is emphasized and social psychological variables (such as sexism, patriarchy, religion, self-worth, insult and shame) which are associated with honor are presented. Firstly, the effects of sexism, patriarchy, masculinity and femininity on attitudes toward women and the perception of honor and honor violence are explained. Then, research on the relationship between religion and honor is presented. Later, the relation among socio-economic status, protecting self-worth and honor is stated. In addition, through emphasizing the relationship between insult and emotion, research focusing on the relations among honor, social image, shame, and violence are presented. Then, honor crimes including honor killings are focused. Finally, research findings about how people who commit honor killings are perceived by the society and what kind of emotions the honor killers have are shared and a general conclusion and suggestions are given
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Namus ve namus adına kadına uygulanan şiddete ilişkin tutumlar ölçeklerinin geliştirilmesi
Işık, Ruşen; Sakallı, Nuray (2009-01-01)
Bu çalışmanın amacı Türkiye’de kadının namusuna ve namus uğruna kadına uygulanan şiddete ilişkin tutumları ölçebilecek iki ayrı ölçme aracı geliştirmektir: Namusa ilişkin Tutumlar Ölçeği (NTÖ) ve Namus adına Kadına Uygulanan Şiddete yönelik Tutumlar Ölçeği (NKUŞTÖ). Bu araştırmaya 180 kadın ve 166 erkek olmak üzere toplam 351 Ankara Üniversitesi, Gazi Üniversitesi ve Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi lisans öğrencileri katılmıştır. Katılımcıların yaş ortalaması 21.30 (S = 2.36) yıl olarak bulunmuştur. Çalışmanı...
Honor Scale: A study for reliability and validity
Ceylan Batur, Suzan; Sakallı, Nuray (2019-12-01)
The purpose of the study was to adapt the Honor Scale (HS), which is composed of four different honor codes including feminine honor, masculine honor, family honor, and moral integrity (Rodriguez Mosquera, Manstead, & Fischer, 2002b) by adding culture-congruent items, and examine the reliability and validity of the emerging scale. In line with this purpose, three studies were conducted. Study 1 (N = 57; Mage = 33.46, SDage = 15.53) was carried out to acquire additional culture-congruent items, which was use...
The predictors of understanding of honor and attitudes toward honor related violence: ambivalent sexism and system justification
Işık, Ruşen; Sakallı Uğurlu, Nuray; Department of Psychology (2008)
The aim of this thesis was to investigate the relationship of ambivalent sexism toward women and men and system justification with understanding of honor and attitudes toward violence against women for protecting honor. 351 undergraduate students from METU, Ankara and Gazi University participated in the study (180 females and 166 males). Participants’ ages ranged from 17 to 30 (M=21.56). Data was collected by a questionnaire consisting of Understanding of Honor Scale; Attitudes toward Violence against Women...
Quantitative Empirical Studies on Women's Issues in Islamic Cultures: Introduction to Special Issue
Sakallı, Nuray (2016-12-01)
The special issue aimed to focus on quantitative research articles covering gender and women's issues in Islamic cultures which have not received sufficient attention. The present issue of gender and women's issues in these cultures adds important information about topics such as the roles of honor, religiosity, and sexism as they interact with gender. In the special issue there are six quantitative research articles focusing on various topics relevant to honor, sexism, economic, and health issues. A study ...
AKTAŞ, RABİA; AYBARS, AYŞE İDİL; Department of Gender and Women's Studies (2022-2-10)
This thesis study examines the contributions of women directors to the field of gender equality in business life and the policies they carry out, focusing on the case of Turkey. This thesis study focuses on the situations of large-scale companies (domestic and foreign) in Turkey. Based on explanatory frameworks that act from a gender perspective; this thesis study examines the role of women decision makers in the improvement of gender equality by taking the experiences, education and career paths of w...
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