Mid-Century Modern Architecture in Istanbul



Mid tech trap The case of Automotive Industry in Turkey
Akçomak, İbrahim Semih (null; 2015-06-03)
Pre-service science teachers' teaching self-efficacy: a case from Turkey
ŞENLER, BURCU; Sungur, Semra (2010-10-31)
The aim of this study is to determine pre-service science teachers’ teaching self-efficacy in terms of students engagement, instructional strategies, and classroom management. For the specified purpose, 1794 pre-service science teachers (876 males and 905 females) participated in the study. Results showed that pre-service science teachers have self-efficacy to use instructional strategies effectively and to manage classroom at higher levels than the efficacy to engage all students in learning.
Pre-accesion aid of European Union : the prospects for Turkey
Demir, Sırma; Ekinci, Nazım; Department of Economics (2003)
This thesis calculates the amount of pre-accession aid which will be given Turkey when Turkey starts accession negotiations with EU. By using Poland̕s receipts from pre-accession financial transfers of EU during its accession negotiations, the study makes expectation about Turkey̕s pre-accession aid. This thesis also attempts to ask the reality of this calculated value by looking at the budgetary situation of EU during Turkey̕s pre-accession period.
Low-rise housing development in Ankara
Şenyel, Müzeyyen Anıl; Türel, Ali; Department of City and Regional Planning (2006)
Urban land prices have important effects on urban development and locational distribution of land-uses. Housing is one of those sectors. There are high-density residential areas covering high-rise apartments at the city center where the land prices are quite high. Here, sizes of the plots and the housing units are relatively small. However, land prices begin to decrease with the increasing distance from the city center and the production of low-density, low-rise housing which is economically unfeasible at t...
Multiple neo-Ottomanisms in the Construction of Turkey’s (Trans)national Heritage
Aykaç Leıdholm, Pınar (2020-08-26)
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