English Skills Needed for Graduate Study in the US MultiplePerspectives

Seferoğlu, Gölge


English skills needed for graduate study in the US: Multiple perspectives
Seferoğlu, Gölge (Walter de Gruyter GmbH, 2001-07-05)
This paper reports on a study of needs analysis conducted with Turkish government-sponsored students who are studying towards master’s or doctoral degrees in the US and with students who attended a specific language program in Ankara, Turkey before they started graduate programs in the US. The purpose of this study was two-fold: (1) to gather information about these students’ needs in learning English from both graduate students’ and prospective graduate students’ perspectives, and (2) to explore the extent...
English at work A Case Study of Engineering Graduates
Ötkür, Ayşem Şebnem; Kızılcık, Hale Hatice (null; 2015-05-20)
English skills, labour market status and earnings of Turkish women
Di Paolo, Antonio; Tansel, Aysıt (2019-11-01)
In this paper, we investigate the effect of the level of English skills on the labour market outcomes of Turkish women, using data from the Adult Education Survey of 2007. By adopting a bivariate equation framework, we jointly model the effect of English skills on labour market status and, conditional on being a wage earner, on monthly earnings and occupational status. The multinomial equation that explains labour market status allows for a different effect of language knowledge on the probability of being ...
English language instructors' perceptions of freshman students' study skills at Bilkent University
Arıkan, Fatma Tuğçe; Koç, Sabri; Department of English Language Education (1999)
English for Academic Purposes I
Bür, Sinem(2017)
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