Production and Structural Characterization of NiB Nanoalloy Synthesized by Ball Milling

Mut, Seda
Mekhrabov, Amdulla
Akdeniz, Mahmut Vedat
Ni-B nanocrystalline alloy/intermetallic phase powders have been synthesized via mechanical alloying by using high-energy ball milling. The effects of milling time on phase formation, microstructure and magnetic behaviors have been investigated. Milling operation has been carried out with two different compositions of Ni-B alloys as Ni80B20 and Ni60B40 up to 80 hours of milling time. Initial sub-micron sized particles have been reduced down to a size ranged in between 20 nm to 110 nm at the end of ball milling procedure. Structural analyses showed that in the Ni-B nanoalloys a Ni3B intermetallic phase were formed for both compositions of alloys under investigation. Additionally, Ni2B intermetallic phase formation have been detected in Ni80B20 nanoalloy. Magnetic measurements indicated a general decrease in saturation magnetization and increase in coercivity and also in hysteresis area with increasing milling time for both samples.