University students' moral reasoning patterns about environmental moral dilemmas

Tuncay, Büşra
Yılmaz Tüzün, Özgül
Teksöz Tuncer, Gaye


University Students' Attitudes and Preferences Towards Online Counseling
Barutçu Yıldırım, Kadriye Funda (2021-11-22)
University Students’ Views, Preferences and Suggestions with Respect to Online Counseling
Barutçu Yıldırım, Kadriye Funda; Taşkesen, Nureda (2021-08-01)
University students' attitudes toward mental patients in a developing country
Eker, Deniz (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 1988-12)
A previous study showed that Turkish and American clinicians and first and fourth year Turkish psychology students were similar to each other in terms of their attitudes toward mental patients. In the present study, first year psychology, science, and medical students were compared to see whether psychology students had more favorable attitudes towards mental patients. In addition, the relationship between the medical students' degree of preference for psychiatry and their attitudes was examined. Analysis o...
University Students’ Views and Experiences With Respect To Academic Honesty
Barutçu Yıldırım, Kadriye Funda; Eret, Esra (2017-04-20)
University students’ perceptions toward feedback
Çapa Aydın, Yeşim (null; 2018-08-31)
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