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Remediating misconceptions concerning chemical bonding through conceptual change text

Pabuçcu, Aybüke
Geban, Ömer
The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of conceptual change texts oriented instructionon 9th grade students' understanding of chemical bonding concepts. in this study, the main aim of the preparation of conceptual change texts was to activate students' prior knowledge and misconceptions and to help them to understand the chemical bonding concepts through the use of explanations. analogies and examples. Analogies were used in the conceptual change texts to deal with students' misconceptions more effectively. The results revealed that conceptual change texts oriented instruction produced a positive effect on students understandingof scientifıc conceptions related to ehemical bonding and elimination of misconeeptions. The mean scores ofboth groups showed that students in the experimental group performed betIer with respeet to ehemical bonding concepts