Black Sea Politics: Political Culture and Civil Society in an Unstable Region



Black Sea sapropels: relationship to kerogens and fossil fuel precursors
Brown, SD; Chiavari, G; Ediger, V; Fabbri, D; Gaines, AF; Galletti, C; Karayigit, AI; Love, GD; Snape, CE; Sirkecioglu, O; Toprak, S (2000-11-01)
The organic structures in sapropels sampled from two cores obtained at known locations beneath the southern Black Sea have been characterised. Fluorescence petrography shows the sapropels to occur as layers of impure alginite, similar to 50 mu m thick, within Unit 2 of the sediments. Solid state C-13 NMR indicates the bulk chemical structures to be very similar to those in an immature Type 1 kerogen (lamosite) oil shale with an aromaticity of similar to 0.2. Consistent with the immaturity of the sapropels, ...
Black Sea scientific network (BLACK SEA SCENE)
Beşiktepe , Şükrü(2008-11-30)
The Black Sea SCENE project aims to establish a Black Sea Scientific Network of leading environmental and socio-economic research institutes, universities and NGO's from the countries around the Black Sea and to develop a virtual data and information infrastructure that will be populated and maintained by these organisations to improve the identification, access, exchange, quality indication and use of their data and information about the Black Sea. The Black Sea SCENE research infrastructure will stimul...
Black Sea ecosystem processes and a forecasting/Operational Database Management System
Salihoglu, I (2002-05-18)
Black Sea coastal forecasting system
Kubryakov, A. I.; Korotaev, G. K.; Dorofeev, V. L.; Ratner, Y. B.; Palazov, A.; Valchev, N.; Malciu, V.; Matescu, R.; Oguz, T. (Copernicus GmbH, 2012-01-01)
The Black Sea coastal nowcasting and forecasting system was built within the framework of EU FP6 ECOOP (European COastalshelf sea OPerational observing and forecasting system) project for five regions: the south-western basin along the coasts of Bulgaria and Turkey, the north-western shelf along the Romanian and Ukrainian coasts, coastal zone around of the Crimea peninsula, the north-eastern Russian coastal zone and the coastal zone of Georgia. The system operates in the real-time mode during the ECOOP proj...
Black Sea Marine Environment: The Turkish Shelf
Tezcan, Devrim; Yücel, Mustafa (2017-01-01)
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