A double stage electro-hydraulic, mechanical suspension type , servo-valve .

Ahmad, Mukarram


A fully transistorized torque DC drive.
Tohumcu, Müjdat; Department of Electrical Engineering (1979)
A high power cascaded static single phase ward Leonard drive.
Nadyme, Akhtar; Department of Electrical Engineering (1974)
An active peripheral jet suspension system.
Özbakir , Ethem; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1974)
An SOI-MEMS tuning fork gyroscope with linearly coupled drive mechanism
Azgın, Kıvanç; Akın, Tayfun (2007-01-25)
This paper presents a new tuning fork gyroscope structure with a highly linear coupling mechanism that keeps the phases of the drive mode oscillating masses exactly opposite with the help of a symmetrically anchored ring-shaped spring. This structure eliminates the risk of drive mode instability due to any lower frequency structural modes and provides very linear drive mode oscillations together with very low g-sensitivity. The gyroscope is fabricated with the SOI-MUMPS process of MEMSCAP. The fabricated gy...
A three phase static ward Leonard system.
Özgirgin, Bekir; Department of Electrical Engineering (1974)
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M. Ahmad, “A double stage electro-hydraulic, mechanical suspension type , servo-valve .,” Middle East Technical University, 1979.