Energy Diplomacy in an Increasingly Interdependent and Globalizing World

Energy and Diplomacy Journal / Enerji ve Diplomasi Dergisi


Energy consumption and GDP: causality relationship in G-7 countries and emerging markets
Soytaş, Uğur; Sarı, Ramazan (2003-01-01)
The causality relationship between energy consumption and income is a well-studied topic in energy economics. This paper studies the time series properties of energy consumption and GDP and reexamines the causality relationship between the two series in the top 10 emerging markets-excluding China due to lack of data-and G-7 countries. We discover bi-directional causality in Argentina, causality running from GDP to energy consumption in Italy and Korea, and from energy consumption to GDP in Turkey, France, G...
Energy politics of Ukraine: domestic and international dimensions
Stelmakh, Anastasiya; Tanrısever, Oktay Fırat; Department of International Relations (2016)
This PhD thesis aims to analyze domestic and international dimensions of Ukraine’s energy politics. The thesis focuses both on the developments at domestic level as well as Ukraine’s energy cooperation with the European Union and the Russian Federation. The main research problem of this dissertation is to determine the causal links between domestic and international factors as well as their impacts on the energy politics of on energy politics of Ukraine under Putnam’s two-level game approach. The thesis als...
Energy Justice: A Social Sciences and Humanities Cross-cutting Theme Report
Topal, Çağatay; Voyvoda, Ebru; Karababa, Eminegül; Lacey-barnacle, Max (2017-6-01)
Energy justice seeks to embed principles of justice, fairness and social equity into energy systems and energy system transitions. This report gives an overview of emerging research in ‘energy justice’ and explores how ideas within different Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) disciplines interact with key concepts in this rapidly expanding new field. Focusing on three different disciplines - Economics, Business Studies, and Gender Studies - this report highlights the ...
Energy consumption, economic growth, and carbon emissions: Challenges faced by an EU candidate member
Soytaş, Uğur; Sarı, Ramazan (2009-04-15)
This paper investigates the long run Granger causality relationship between economic growth, carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption in Turkey, controlling for gross fixed capital formation and labor. The most interesting result is that carbon emissions seem to Granger cause energy consumption, but the reverse is not true. The lack of a long run causal link between income and emissions may be implying that to reduce carbon emissions, Turkey does not have to forgo economic growth.
Energy Justice - a social sciences and humanities cross-cutting theme report
Sarı, Ramazan (2017-06-01)
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